Week of the Fantastic 5Ks

Hello again!

So this past week was a pretty fun week for my mom and I for races! First, we had the Good Times Series 5K on Tuesday night, and on Thursday, we tried a new race- the Berna’s Great Legs 5K. This race, we learned is the 2nd oldest women-only race in the US!! Pretty darn cool.

The stars must have been aligned for us this week (good sign for our half-marathon, fingers crossed!), because we ended up having some very good luck in both races!

So first- the race on Tuesday. My goal was to aim for consistent 8 min/mile pace for all 3 miles. I figured this would challenge me, but not leave my legs totally dead for the half on Sunday. I ended up coming in at 24:02, with a 7:40 pace- I think I must have pushed it the last mile because my iPod had been estimating my pace to be much closer to 8 min/mi. throughout the race. But, I’m never too upset to run faster than planned.  My mom did AWESOME too, coming in with a chip time of 26:25, setting a new PR for herself!

Here I am in the blue behind the green-shirted runner =)

My mom's the one in blue cruisin' along!

It didn’t end there though! One of the fun things about the Good Times Series 5k’s is that they give away prizes and stuff after the race while everyone chows down on some pizza. There’s also a raffle every week where you can put in a dollar and guess how many people ran PRs. We decided to enter (even though we’d never done it before), and guessed that there were 33 PRs.


THERE WERE! One other person had also guessed correctly, so we had to split the money, but we ended up with a nice cash prize anyway. I’ve promised my mom that I’ll treat us to some goodies at the half-marathon this weekend- maybe some race paraphernalia and iced coffees?

So that was a darn good start to the week.

Then, Thursday we ran the Berna’s Great Legs 5K. We registered as a mother-daughter team for this under the name “Team 50 Adventures” (get it?! you probably do.)

Team 50 Adventures, ready to go!


That last picture is us with our aggressive, game-faces on. Please, don’t judge us.  We ran this race together and came in at 27:01- again, we didn’t want to go too fast and risk having tired legs for Sunday’s half. This gave us a combined time of 54:02 – and A SECOND PLACE FINISH for the mother-daughter teams! Clearly, the game-faces worked.

We got an awesome trophy and a 1 year subscription to New England Runner.


And medals.


And shirts.

So. Much. Loot! 

I’m thinking our good luck’s going to continue with the half-marathon on Sunday, but who knows! We’ve started carbo-loading (wish I could carbo-load continuously!) and I think we are ready. I’ll let yall know how it all ends up.  Wish us continuing good luck! 

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