Hi there!

Some pretty big news to report today! Did you notice anything different about the blog recently? Maybe the URL…? That’s right! It’sAdventuresMotherDaughterDuo.Com now folks! We are gettin’ official around here! With the one-year anniversary of this blog rapidly approaching, it seemed like a fitting time to make the leap. So enjoy the slightly shorter web address – haha, I know it’s still pretty long. 

The other news is that our first half marathon of the season is 1 week from Sunday! Woo!!  My mom and I ended up registering for the Amica Iron Horse Half Marathon in Simsbury, CT somewhat spontaneously, but it looks like a great race and we’re very excited (we’ll be crossing off another state!!).

Amica Iron Horse Reg

The only downside is that race day is going to mean a VERY early start for us – like 4 am early – in order to get there in time. But hey, like I’ve said before, there’s something about getting up early for a race that makes it not nearly as bad as if you were getting up early for work!

The week after the Amica Iron Horse, we’ll be running Heartbreak Hill in Boston. So yeah, I think two weeks with back-to-back half marathons officially means we’re insane. But it also gives us a pretty good excuse for if our times are slow in Boston! Hehehe, I’m already planning out excuses!

So in preparation for our crazy half marathon schedule, my mom and I went on a last long run on Thursday (10 miles). I’ve been battling some raging allergies and a pretty bad cough, so it was not the most pleasant run I’ve ever gone on, but oh well. Anyways, 10 miles is a long time to run, and it gives you plenty of time to really think about stuff. So, here’s a quick look into the mind of a runner on a long run…

thoughts long run

  •  Woo, I feel good! This is gonna be fine.
  • Actually, my ankle is twinging a little. What’s up with that?
  • Now it’s gone. I guess I have to keep running.
  • What should I wear later?
  • What should I EAT later?!
  • Maybe a smoothie… with lots of ice. And almond butter.
  • Oh my god I love almond butter so much.
  • And almond milk, that’s pretty darn tasty too.
  • Why are almond products always delicious?
  • I hate this song. Why is this in my running playlist?
  • I need to buy some new music.
  • Halfway done! Huzzah. I’m practically already home.
  • Maybe not… I wanna walk.
  • No I don’t no I don’t no I don’t, I WILL NOT WALK.
  • Just keep swimming just keep swimming
  • I need Dorie from Finding Nemo to provide me with encouragement.
  • Wait, only 2 miles left?! That’s basically a cool-down! I’m ESSENTIALLY DONE!

scale this hill

  • Hills should be against the law.
  • Almost there……..
  •  Ahh thank god!
  • I DID IT; I RAN (insert # here) MILES!! I AM A CHAMPION!! 

Have a happy Memorial Day weekend everybody!

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