Tips for Traveling to a Race

Good morning!

So lately, I feel like I’ve talked about the darn snow A LOT on the blog. But I can’t help it, because it just keeps snowing! Yesterday, we got a foot (on top of the 3 feet we already have).

2 Generations Running. Snowfall over my head.Yep, that mound of snow is taller than me. While most people are bemoaning the shoveling and snowblowing, Brady is getting some serious enjoyment out of it.

Brady. 2 Generations Running.And here he is, coming back inside to defrost-

Brady. 2 Generations RunningHappy days. And to think, it was only a few weeks ago that my mom and I returned from Florida after running our tenth half marathon and crossing off another state (or more importantly, we got to walk around in sundresses in January. We won’t be getting to do that again anytime soon.) We’ve now traveled to run in several different states (Virginia, Vermont, and Maine were all far enough away that we had to make travel arrangements and stay overnight). We still have LOTS more running and traveling to do before we get close to reaching our goal of 50 states, but I thought now would be a good time to share some tips my mom and I have picked up from our experiences traveling to run in new areas. So without further ado…

Tips for Traveling to Races. 2 Generations Running.

  1. If flying, pack your sneakers and running outfit in your carry-on bag (if you’re checking luggage). My mom and I were paranoid that our luggage was going to get lost on our way to Florida, but it gave us some peace of mind to know we would at least have our running stuff if it did get lost.
  2. If you have a smart phone, take a screenshot of the info on the race’s website about packet pickup, race day parking/transportation – anything you may need to refer back to many times.
  3. Give yourself a day (or two) to acclimate. You don’t want to be spending hours driving or flying, only to have to wake up at 4 or 5 the very next day and run a long race.
  4. Pack 2 running outfits – one for ideal or expected weather, and one for if it ends up rainy or cooler than usual.
  5. Don’t forget your fuel (that you’ve trained with and tested). I made the mistake of trying Gatorade shot bloks during a race – these are about the size of a Starburst and about as chewy. I found I could barely breathe while trying to chew the stupid thing enough to swallow! Now I stick to GU’s and the much smaller Sports beans.
  6. Remember to fuel in the days leading up to the race! It can be easy to get distracted by the vacation environment, but if you’re running a half marathon or marathon, eating the right foods is SO important. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water, carboload, and watch your fiber intake (you don’t want any digestive issues while running a race).

And here’s a handy-dandy checklist I’ve put together to keep in mind while packing for your race (we’ve come close to forgetting a few of these items a handful of times!)

The Runner's Packing Checklist. 2 Generations RunningI hope that helps a bit for when you’re packing for your next race vacation! If you take away nothing else from this post, let it be: remember your sneakers.

Have a great week! Have you ever forgotten anything important while on vacation (or going to a race?) Does anyone else have a dog who is seemingly part polar bear?

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