What I would Have Told Myself About Running… Before I Started

Hello there!

I was in a bit of a reflective mood the other day and started thinking about my early days of running. I was very focused on soccer for most of my childhood, but then I decided to give track and field a try my freshman year of high school. I was only a sprinter though – anything longer than the 400 meter TERRIFIED me. I don’t think my younger self would believe it if somehow I magically time traveled back and told myself that I would eventually run a full marathon. My younger self would be all “yeah, good joke Nora, you can barely run a 5k.”

What I Would Have Told Myself About Running Before I Started.But IF the technology ever progressed to the point where I was able to time-travel back and talk to my younger self (without permanently damaging the space-time continuum), here are some things I would tell myself about running.

What I Would Have Told Myself About Running Before I Started. 2 Generations Running.

  1. Some runs will suck, even if you totally love running. I think I had a misconception starting out, that running would be this triumphant, endorphin-y experience ALL the time. It’s not. Sometimes you do get those runs where the weather’s just perfect, all roads seem to be downhill, and you just feel fast and invincible. And then other times, your ponytail seems to give you a mysterious headache with every bounce of your stride, random muscles ache, and you just feel crappy. But that’s ok, because you get through those days.
  2. Shoes DO matter. And no, it’s best not to pick a pair simply because it’s the most stylish. (although to be fair, color does still play a role in my choice in sneakers. But I try to consider my foot type and comfort as well).
  3. Running 6.2 miles, 13.1, and even further can be fun. Weird concept, I know. (T-shirts and finisher’s medals do help.)
  4. 2 Generations Running. Don’t get discouraged about others being faster than you – just work to be faster than you were yesterday. And while that does sound cheesy, there really is no better feeling than a PR.
  5. Cross-train and stretch (both to make yourself a stronger runner and to stave off boredom.)
  6. And lastly, it’s going to make jeans a little cozy around the calves.

2 Generations Running.So there you go! Is there anything you wish you’d known about running in the beginning?

Have a great day 🙂


2 thoughts on “What I would Have Told Myself About Running… Before I Started

  1. Marie G

    I love this post ! So true. And still learning new things I wish my “older runner self” had known. Like the fact that running in the winter can actually be pleasant – if you’re actually wearing good gear!! ( I suffered through so many frosty runs!!) Now I just have to figure out how to keep running during one of the snowiest winters ever up here in the northeast!! ❄️❄️❄️And when I figure it out, I will definitely have something to share!!


  2. dgobs

    I wish I had known that it was possible for me to run more than 100m without wanting to die! 🙂 I also wish I could go back in time and convince myself to do track and cross country in high school… it would be interesting to see how fast I could have been back then with my boundless, youthful energy!


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