Calendar Updates

Hey there and happy hump day!

So I am still off freezing my butt off in upstate New York, but I wanted to check in with some calendar updates for you all.

Earlier in the winter, my mom and I had signed up to take a crochet class through our community center. My mom knits (I don’t), but it seemed like a fun thing to try! Well, I’ll never know whether I’m secretly a crochet genius, because the class was canceled since my mom and I were the only ones to sign up. BUT, the exciting news is that we were able to pick a different class to try instead, and after perusing the catalog a bit, my mom and I signed up for a mixed-level yoga class! My mom has some experience with yoga, but I’m pretty much a total newbie, so I’m very excited. 🙂 That will be starting mid-March, and I can’t wait to put my yoga pants to good use.

2 Generations Running. Yoga Pants Meme.They really are super comfortable. 🙂

Also, in early March (if all goes well), my mom will be running Stu’s 30K road race in Clinton, Mass (all 18 miles of it!) In the past, our running club has also participated in this as a relay team, but I’ve always been away at school and unable to participate. Hopefully, we’ll be doing it again this year and I’ll finally get to try my hand at a relay!

Relays. 2 Generations Running.My mom at last year’s relay.

So, some fun things to look forward to in March (including my birthday as well!!!).

Do you have any races scheduled? Anyone else excited for March (and maybe the beginning of spring…?)

Have a great Wednesday!

2 thoughts on “Calendar Updates

  1. charissarunning

    I cannot wait for spring – I really need for temperatures to at least stay above freezing. That would be nice!
    I hope you enjoy doing yoga. It’s a great complement to running 🙂 And yes, I would have to agree that yoga pants are a wonderful creation! 😀
    I’ve got at least a race a month scheduled from now through June so I’m excited for that. Hope you get to do that relay!


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