Friday Five {Favorites from the Week}

Happy Friday everyone!!

After missing the Friday 5 Link-Up the past couple weeks, I’m excited to hop back into it! As always, it’s hosted by Courtney of Eat Pray Run DC, Mar of Mar on the Run, and Cynthia of You Signed Up For What? Today’s topic is 5 favorites from the past week.

Friday 5 Link-Up

1. The first thing I’m loving this week has to be Wednesday’s run.

6 Miles | 2 Generations RunningAfter Stu’s Relay went so well, I figured I could start running a little further on a more regular basis. And the 40 degree temps on Wednesday was the perfect time to start!! My knee still twinges sometimes, but more so at the beginning of a run and less towards the end (before, it would start to hurt early on and get progressively worse over a run, so I think this is significant progress.) 🙂 My sneakers were SOAKED at the end of this run from all the melting snow, but I couldn’t have been happier.

2. The fact that March is finally here! As hard as it is to believe with 5 feet of snow on the ground, spring is actually coming. Plus, it’s my birthday month. 🙂

Spring is nature's way of saying, let's party!3. Brady trying to squeeze into Keeper’s (much smaller) bed. He has his own dog bed, which is twice the size, but for some reason, he sure seems to enjoy sleeping in Keeper’s new bed.

Brady and Keeper | 2 Generations Running

4. Having the time to cook. This was one of the things I was most looking forward to with being done with school, and it’s been great! I love scouring my Pinterest recipe board these days to find healthy and delicious meals. Last night I made paleo salmon sweet potato cakes from The Little Honey Bee, and they were delicious!

5. The Bachelor. The Women Tell-All episode was some excellent reality television, and I am stoked for Monday’s episode! Will he find Princess Farming? Sorry… Blame ABC for the pun.

prince farming2


Have a great weekend! 

10 thoughts on “Friday Five {Favorites from the Week}

  1. charissarunning

    Yay for a good run! I had a good run on Wednesday too #twins 🙂
    I love your spring quote! I’m so happy that next week’s weather is looking up. Have good weekend!


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