Date a Runner (Other Athletes Are Just Players)

Good morning and happy weekend!

I hope you all have some fun Easter plans ahead of you this weekend. I’ll be spending Sunday morning getting my long run done (8 miles this week!), and then visiting family. After a week that felt pretty long, I’m pumped. 🙂

Now before you get yourself all confused over this post title, let me tell you – NO, this blog is not turning into a dating website. That would be weird. I was just thinking the other day about all the cool things about runners, and the reasons why you might definitely want to date a runner (rather than a different type of athlete). The running community is pretty darn awesome for a number of reasons, so without further ado here’s why you should date a runner-

Date A Runner (Other Athletes Are Just Players) | 2 Generations Running1. Runners are friendly. There’s always a lot of chatter at the beginning of races (usually about food – runners love to eat.)

Let's Run a 5k and eat like it was a marathon }2. Most sports teams will end games with a high-five or handshake and then each team goes their respective way. Runners stick around and actually party with each other afterwards. They’ll drink beers, eat good food, and commiserate over a hilly course. And it doesn’t matter one bit who crossed the finish line faster.

Date a Runner (Other Athletes Are Just Players)(How I feel after a half marathon.)

3.We can be competitive, but usually it’s with ourselves. Only one runner can win the race, but every runner can beat their own previous time, and that always feels like a victory.

4.Runners can pull off spandex better than a WHOLE LOT of other athletes. Think about it – do you really want to see a 300-pound linebacker in one of those little football tops and those super tight pants? I think not.

Vince Wilfork Gif(Sorry Vince Wilfork.)

5. Yeah, our shoes might get a little sweaty (and smelly). But at least we don’t have a huge pile of shinguards/shoulder pads/helmets sitting in the mudroom, stinking up the whole house.

6. Runners ALWAYS carry snacks. It’s part of the refueling regimen. And we might just share if you ask nicely.

Snacking Gif | 2 Generations Running7. Runners will bring home cool souvenirs and gifts from all the places we travel to run in.

Date a Runner (Other Athletes are just players)8. Runners have the BEST-looking calves in the business.

9. You’ll always know what to get a runner for birthdays and holidays. Any sort of running paraphernalia will be greatly appreciated and put to good use.

Holiday Gift Guide for Runners | 2 Generations RunningBuy me all the running things!!!

10. If we get a race T-shirt that doesn’t fit, we’ll give it to our friends, family, or significant other. And WHO DOESN’T WANT A FREE T-SHIRT?!

Date a Runner (Other Athletes Are Just Players)So there you go. I think I have presented many good arguments in favor of dating runners, so keep them in mind for yourself OR if you’re trying to set up any friends. 🙂

Have a wonderful Easter weekend! Anyone else running this weekend? Can you think of any other reasons to date runners? 


8 thoughts on “Date a Runner (Other Athletes Are Just Players)

  1. This post is great! Although I’m married, I like the reason about Christmas ideas or any holiday gift idea. Runners always want anything to do with running.
    I will be running a couple miles this weekend but no races.


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