Monday Runday: Week 2

Hello again!

I hope you all had a great weekend! It is FINALLY beginning to feel like spring here in New England, and that made my weekend exponentially better. 🙂 Plus, I ran the Run for the Troops 5k on Sunday (full recap coming!). But without further ado, here’s a look at how Week 2 of my 4-week half marathon training went.

Monday – 6 miles + yoga again. I did this run in the afternoon (it was chilly in the morning and I wanted to let it warm up a little!), which I have to admit is probably not a great strategy for me. I always have way more trouble pushing myself to get out in the afternoon than I do on my morning runs. But I got it done and at a decent pace. Despite feeling really tired Monday night and not really wanting to go to yoga, it did feel good and my tight hamstrings appreciated the stretching.

Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday – Off.

Friday – 1 hour of Group Power (a full-body barbell class) + 4 miles on the treadmill (avg. pace somewhere around 8:45/mile). As I hinted in an earlier post, I have a gym membership again at the same gym I trained at over the summer. I’m very excited about this, despite the fact that I can barely raise my arms to lift a coffee cup, even 2 days after this class. This was a TOUGH workout, but I loved it. I took this class a lot last summer and it’s fun to be back to it again.

Saturday – 4 miles nice and slow. It actually hurt to swing my arms during this run from Friday’s class and my right hamstring has been feeling a little iffy lately, so I dialed this way back. I didn’t wear my Garmin so I wouldn’t be tempted to run fast and I even let myself walk up the hills. I tried to really focus on soaking up the sun and appreciating the run. There were plenty of runners and walkers out and I happily waved to them. I even stopped to take a picture of the lake, which still has ice on it, but has definitely melted a lot over the last month. Check out that blue sky!

2 Generations RunningYou know how some runs feel awful and others feel great? This was one of the great ones that make me happy to be a runner.

Sunday – the Run For the Troops 5k + an additional 6 miles at home. And guess what? I have a new PR in the 5k!!! My mom was only seconds off her PR too, so it was a great race for the two of us. My official time was 23:34 (7:35/mile!) This is about 12 seconds faster than my previous PR, which has stood for well over a year now, so I’m absolutely THRILLED to have a new record. That’s all I’m going to say about it for now though since I want to post a full recap tomorrow.

Support the Troops 5k | 2 Generations RunningThe race medal doubles as a bottle-opener. Innovative, right?!

So a pretty awesome week as far as running goes! I’m getting excited for the Providence Half. 🙂

How’d your week go? Are you as excited by the spring weather as I am?

7 thoughts on “Monday Runday: Week 2

  1. charissarunning

    Congrats on your new 5k PR – awesome job!!! Seems like Sunday was a really great day overall. I ran a new 10k PR myself 😀
    The weather this weekend has been a total relief and done wonders for reviving my mind! I wish I could get out and run today too but my legs definitely need some rest!


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