Asics Gel-Electro33 Review

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I, like most runners I know, am a certifiable running sneaker addict. I typically LOVE getting new shoes once I reach between 400-500 miles on my current pair. I have to say though, I was a little stressed about it this time around. Last year, right around the time that I started training for the Rochester Marathon, I had bought a new pair of sneakers that ended up being too rigid, and I ended up sidelined for about a month with a strained EHL (in other words, I injured my toe. Yes, you can do that.)

After consulting with an orthopedist and physical therapist, I found out it was important for me to opt for light, flexible running sneakers. So I had that in the back of my mind this time around when I was testing out new sneakers. Enter the Asics Gel-Electro33.

Asics Gel Electro33 Review | 2 Generations runningFrom the moment I put these on, I knew they felt right, despite the fact that I’ve never owned a pair of Asics before (Saucony and Brooks were my previous pairs!). These are light, flexible, and fast (I even ran my most recent 5k PR in them!)

Asics Gel Electro33 Review | 2 Generations Running

I’ve run a bunch of distances in these new shoes ranging from 3 miles to 9 miles, and I still love them as much as when I first tried them on. It’s great because they are flexible (like a minimalist shoe), but they still offer just the right amount of support. More and more shoes these days are offering a big, padded sole and extra cushioning – I love that these don’t. After reading Born to Run, I personally want to stay away from those types of sneakers (although I know they work well for certain runners.)

After doing a little reading online, I also found out that these particular sneakers have FluidAxis technology in the soles, which is supposed to help the shoe adapt to the particular stride and gait of each individual runner (whether you overpronate or underpronate!). Pretty neat!

Asics Gel Electro33And while I know as runners, we aren’t really supposed to pick out a pair of sneakers based on “pretty colors” – I have to say, I LOVE THE COLOR OF THESE SNEAKERS! 🙂 The blues and pink touches are gorgeous for spring and the warmer weather.

And lastly, Keeper approves of them.

Asics Gel Electro33 Review | 2 Generations RunningSo I may be an Asics type of gal from now on!

What kind of sneakers do you wear? Are you loyal to one brand in particular? 

2 thoughts on “Asics Gel-Electro33 Review

  1. charissarunning

    Those shoes are beautiful! I used to wear an Asics stability shoe but have since graduated to a more neutral/minimal one – the Saucony Kinvara. It’s been so good for me, but I’m not opposed to trying to go back to a lighter Asics shoe especially if they last awhile. The one downside to my Kinvaras has been that I only get 250-300 miles on them 😥


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