Marathon Monday

Happy Monday!

This is one Monday I’m actually pretty excited about because… it’s Marathon Monday! That’s right, the Boston Marathon is TODAY!

And guess where I spent most of the weekend?

Boston Marathon ExpoAt the expo! As I hinted in a previous post, my internship in Boston was with the company working to organize and put on the expo, so it was awesome seeing it all come together to turn into what I can only describe as some sort of combination between Christmas and heaven for runners.

Boston Marathon Expo 2015 | 2 Generations RunningIt seriously felt like the most wonderful time of the year in the expo. The atmosphere was electric, and you could just tell that some of the runners LIVE for this event (and I can understand why!). I didn’t take many pictures since I was working, but some of the booths were absolutely incredible (like the floating runners who actually moved over the Brooks area! I instagrammed a video of it if you’d like to see.)

I didn’t get a chance to talk to them, but I saw Chris McDougall (author of Born to Run!) and Scott Jurek (famous ultra runner and author of Eat and Run). They were signing books at the Clif bar booth on Friday, and it was so cool getting to see some of my running idols in person!

The weather this past weekend was absolutely gorgeous, in the mid 60’s and sunny – great for the BAA 5k held on Saturday (and my 11 mile run on Sunday)! I wish it was going to stay that way for the marathon, but unfortunately it looks like the runners will be dealing with wind and rain today. 😦 Nevertheless, it should be an exciting race and I’m looking forward to watching it! GOOD LUCK TO ALL THE AWESOME, FRIENDLY RUNNERS WHO WORKED THEIR BUTTS OFF TRAINING FOR THIS DAY FOR MONTHS AND MONTHS!!!! Everybody’s rooting for you.

Boston Marathon Expo | 2 Generations RunningHave a happy Boston Marathon day!

Have you ever been to the Boston Marathon Expo? Will you be watching the race all day like me?


2 thoughts on “Marathon Monday

  1. dgobs

    I got a chance to sneak into the Expo during my volunteer shift, and it was pretty incredible! I wish I had had more time to wander around and take everything in. Must have been cool to be working at it!


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