Cox Providence Half Marathon: 1 Week to Go!

Happy Weekend!!

I had an absolutely CRAZY week (hence the lack of posts – whoops), so I’m looking forward to some running and relaxing this weekend. I’ll also be volunteering at the Groton Road Race that my running club puts on tomorrow, so that should be fun!

Today, my mom and I went for our last long run before next weekend’s half marathon, the Cox Providence Half. In case you’re a new reader, my mom and I are trying to run a half marathon (or more if we’re feeling up to a marathon!) in every state. We’ve had a few repeats, so this will be half marathon #11 and state #9.

The last half marathon we ran was the Clearwater Distance Classic in Florida. It was a great race and really well-organized, but it wasn’t the best race for me. I had hurt my hamstring one or two weeks before during an overly ambitious speed workout, and I think that issue compounded itself turning into a nasty case of runner’s knee by the end of those 13.1 miles.

Clearwater Distance Classic.I’m psyched to be feeling pretty darn awesome with this half marathon one week away from Sunday. I’ve been cross-training more regularly at the gym, and with my trusty Garmin, I’ve been pushing myself to run a little bit faster through my training runs than I usually do. Now I’m just crossing my fingers that I don’t do anything to sabotage myself in this last week!

Today, my mom and I ran our last 9 miler. While it was windy and a little brisk, this run felt pretty great. The sun was shining and there were a ton of runners and walkers out and about.

2 Generations RunningWhen we got home, we refueled with coffee (obviously) and pumpkin croissants from Trader Joe’s. My mom actually fell in love with them during the fall and stock-piled a ton of boxes in our freezer since (like everything pumpkin), these were a seasonal product. They’re still delicious, even in the spring. 🙂

Lastly, I just want to leave you guys with a little weekend inspiration. It might be cheesy, but I love me some inspirational quotes, and this one has been motivating me this week through some stressful moments. 🙂

Don't be afraid to pursue your goals | 2 Generations Running

Hope you have an awesome weekend too! Anyone else racing/running/volunteering this weekend? Do you also wish pumpkin products were available year-round or are we just weird?

One thought on “Cox Providence Half Marathon: 1 Week to Go!

  1. Rick

    I volunteered selling raffle tickets at the children’s fishing derby, does that count? I once tried pumpkin ice cream…blech! To each their own.


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