We Won the Lottery and Other Updates

Happy Memorial Day!

"A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself"I hope you are all enjoying the long weekend! Don’t forget to think about the incredible service men and women who have served our country this Memorial Day.

This week, was a great week workout-wise, but before I dive into that, I have some good news!

My mom and I got into the New Balance Falmouth Road Race!

New Balance Falmouth road RaceThis is a 7-mile road race (random distance I know) that has soared in popularity over the years, hence the lottery to get in. This year will be the 43rd running of the race and more than 11,000 runners will compete, including many elites (Meb was there last year!!!!) We heard about this race through a friend who told us how tough it was to get in these days. We decided to give the lottery a shot, registering as a team (Team 2 Generations Running!), so that way either both of us would get in or neither of us would. So we were pretty pumped late last week when we got this email. 🙂 So we have a fun racecation on the summer calendar now!

After a fun week of doing senior activities at my college and graduating (and doing ZERO running), it was nice getting back into my workout routine this week.

Monday – Dumbbell Strength Class followed by a 2-miler on the treadmill.

Tuesday – My speed workout at the track, that I talked about in this post. It was a doozy, but one that I think I will continue to put myself through. 🙂

Wednesday – 4 miles at an average speed, not too fast, not too slow. My legs were feeling a little tired from Tuesday’s workout.

Thursday – I did this FitnessBlender Upper Body Tabata Workout – Intense 60-Minute Back, Shoulders, and Arms Workout. Because if my legs are sore, why not kill my upper-body too?

Friday – 6 miles with my mom. It was a gorgeous (although slightly warm) day and I wore my Ragnar shirt, which has catapulted into my heart as quite possibly my new favorite running shirt.

2 Generations RunningI had my mom take this picture of me afterwards, mostly because I was curious to see if I could get a halfway decent leaping up in the air and clicking my heels pic. It turned out pretty good! 🙂

On Sunday, my mom and I did a nice 7-miler with our running club, several miles of which were trail running. Some of the more seasoned trail runners of the club offered my mom and I a few pointers on trail running that I am thinking of sharing in an upcoming post.

Overall a pretty great week!

How was your long weekend? Did you do anything special? 

9 thoughts on “We Won the Lottery and Other Updates

  1. cooperrp@comcast.net

    Congratulations on getting into the Famouth race. May the Force be with you!Sent from XFINITY Connect Mobile App


  2. kristenk

    Congrats on the lottery! That race sound pretty awesome. Also, I think I’m running Ragnar Colorado and so nervous about figuring it out (especially from out of town) but I’m excited too! I might have a million questions to ask you so get ready haha 🙂


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