It’s My Favorite Holiday!

Happy National Running Day folks!

Ok, I have to admit, I kind of exaggerated. National Running Day is not my favorite holiday… But it’s up there! 😉

Last year was the first time I ever heard of such a thing as National Running Day, and I celebrated it by writing this post (throwback to my old blog!). In case you don’t know, National Running Day is celebrated on the first Wednesday in June every year (why Wednesday, I don’t know…) It’s basically just a day for runners to share their passion for running and to celebrate by getting some miles in. It’s also a day to think about the question, “Why do I run?”

Why Do I Run?Obviously, there are the easy answers to that question (exercise, health, reduced dessert guilt…), but I know for me, running has become something more than that.

I’ve always been very goal-driven, and I love that running ALWAYS provides me with a challenge. No matter who you are, elite or middle-of-the-packer, you can always work towards something with running. It can be faster times, longer distances, a new race, whatever! Having a goal to work towards (even if it’s a small one, like getting more comfortable running trails) gives running a whole new purpose. Frankly, I also think it just makes it more fun. Who doesn’t like seeing real, measurable improvement? Especially in something like running, that can be pretty darn tough at times.

National Running Day | 2 Generations Running

I love that my mom and I have the goal of running a half in every state. While this dream sometimes seems somewhat overwhelming (or crazy as I’m sure some people would label it), it’s made for some seriously awesome experiences. My mom and I both love traveling and there are so many parts of this country that I’ve never seen. We loved exploring Virginia Beach when we ran the Shamrock Half last year, and the Mad Half Marathon in Vermont really was beautiful.

National Running Day | 2 Generations Running It may seem weird, but running is giving us a whole new way to explore the US. Is it going to take us a long time? Hell yeah. But we’re not in any rush. My mom and I plan to keep on running for many years to come.

However, if Runners World wanted to start wanted to start comping our race entries in exchange for writing a column for you, that would be cool.

Why do you run/What’s your favorite thing about running? How are you celebrating National Running Day?

5 thoughts on “It’s My Favorite Holiday!

  1. dgobs

    I love that you and your mom are running around the country together, that’s so cool 🙂 I have a similar goal, and want to run all across MA too. It’s such a great way to explore new places, and gives a great excuse to travel to places I may never have gone otherwise!


  2. Love that you get to share running with your mom. That is so special. I run for so many reasons, but mostly because it grounds me and challenges me all at the same time 🙂 I’m celebrating with a hill workout today!


  3. kristenk

    Love this! I also participated for the first time last year, and I’ve had so much fun celebrating with everyone! I love that running helps you reach your goals – I feel the same exact way. I celebrated with a run and a typical blog post and loved every second of it!


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