The 5K I Ran Holding a Giant Box

Hey there and happy weekend!

Hope you guys are enjoying the days off and gearing up for the 4th of July next weekend! As promised, I’m back to share Tuesday’s race recap of the Temptation 5k, the first of the weekly summer series that I’ll be participating in with my running club this year.

Basically, it’s called the ‘Temptation’ 5k because just before the Mile 1 marker there is a pile of 10 boxes for women and 10 for men on the side of the path. The boxes are large, awkward to carry, and empty – but you could win a prize corresponding with the number on your box at the end of the race. The catch is that you probably say goodbye to your chance of winning your age group or getting a PR because it’s hard and annoying to run carrying a box (speaking from experience here.) The top prize though is $50 for 1 man and 1 woman.

I really wanted to win something.

I was pretty much convinced that everyone who came along the boxes would take one until there were none left, so I mentally prepared myself to FLAT OUT RUN to get to the boxes as quick as I could. I threw caution and self-restraint and the basic laws of pacing oneself out the window in my quest to get a box.

Lowell Good Times Series Temptation 5k LowellCRUISING.

And I was pretty convinced I wasn’t going to get one, as I knew that there were more than 9 or 10 women ahead of me before we came up on the boxes. This was despite the fact that I was running a 7:00/mile pace (aka about as fast as I can go). But then I came up on the pile of boxes – and THEY WERE ALL STILL THERE! A woman a few steps ahead of me grabbed one, and then I took one and sprinted off, excited to have one. A volunteer along the course called out that we were the first and second women with boxes. YAY!

Then, it got interesting. I still had over 2 miles to go in VERY hot and humid temps. Carrying a giant box. And after I had basically run an all-out sprint for .8 of a mile. I let myself relax and took walking breaks as needed, and tried to figure out the best way to carry the box where it wouldn’t bother me as much (I didn’t really figure out any good method.).

Lowell Good Times Series 5k I’m smiling because I know I’m almost done and I’m hoping for an awesome prize.

Finally, I came up around the final bend, and ran across the finish line with a chip time of 26:52 – pretty solid for an extremely weird run. I also found out in a later email that I placed 7th in my division!

So, what was my prize for all my blood, sweat, and tears? (ok, it was mostly sweat, but whatever.)Good Times Series Temptation 5kA mason jar with a sticker on it. Womp womp. Not only did I NOT win the $50, I pretty much got the worst prize they had. Oh well though, now I can say I  know what it’s like to run a 5k carrying a big cardboard box. My advice would be – don’t do it.

Still a fun night overall with the running club and we celebrated the first 5k of the summer with a beer together afterwards.

Good Times Series 5k I can’t wait for the next one of these races where I will make my comeback in my age division – sans box.

What’s the weirdest 5k you’ve ever run? Doing anything fun this weekend?

7 thoughts on “The 5K I Ran Holding a Giant Box

  1. That is extremely bizarre, but what a fun story to be able to tell later. 🙂 That time is fantastic for hauling that box along with you! Nicely done! I haven’t run any race nearly as interesting. 🙂


  2. kristenk

    That’s hilarious! I’d be proud of that mason jar – it shows you’re badass enough to carry a box 2 miles in the heat! And FYI that 5k time is killer!


  3. charissarunning

    What an interesting idea for a race!!! I’ve never heard of something like this before. Amazing job carrying that box all that way and still making it in such a good time!!! You are a super woman! I love that you’re always trying new things too. I’m sorry the prize turned out to be bad – with my luck, I’d have probably picked the worst box too! I’ll take your advice and stick to just the running sans box 😀


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