Running with the Bunnies

Hey there, hope you had a great weekend!

I was so psyched for this weekend mainly because my cold is finally gone and I was looking forward to some nice, uninterrupted workout time. Weekdays are crazy because of my commute and while I’ll probably start trying to get up a little earlier to fit in some workouts more consistently, I have a new found appreciation for weekends right now.

I was rarin’ to go on Friday, so I decided to kick things off with a speed workout at the track in the evening. I did 2 sets of 4×400 with 400 meters recovery in between each. I loved this workout and I felt 1,000 times better doing it than I did doing the Yasso 800’s last week. Except, that I kind of tortured my ankle. I had been wearing socks during the day, and I forgot that I had gotten blisters wearing those socks with my Asics sneakers because they aren’t quite high enough. Not thinking, I left them on to wear for my track workout, and about halfway through, I could tell I was getting a blister. 😦 I really didn’t want to cut my workout short though, so I just tried to ignore it as best I could and finish my sets. As soon as I finished the last 400 though, I tore my sneaker off – screw the cooldown, I was not running a step further.

2 Generations RunningThis was the end result. Painful, but hey on the brightside, my bloody sock/sneaker made me feel pretty hardcore. 😉

Saturday, I started my morning by sleeping in to the glorious time of 7:20 and then I coffee-ed up before doing this 20 minute arms workout from FitnessBlender -> Toned, Lean Arms Workout – Rhomboids, Shoulders, Bicep, Tricep, and Shoulder Workout. Just a note- if you try this workout, you’ll only need light weights. The moves are pretty dang tough and I feel it A LOT using the lightest dumbbells I have. I rounded out the morning with another 5 miler at a comfortable pace.

Sunday was the Run of the Bunnies. Not quite as dramatic as running with bulls, but a whole lot cuter. My mom and I set out at 7 am (ugh for not getting to sleep late) to try to beat the heat, as the high was supposed to reach 93 degrees for the day. She was going for 9 miles, and I opted to do 7. We followed her typical route into a nearby development that borders this grassy field and wooded area. Or as I will now think of it, bunny territory.

Bunny GIF | 2 Generations RunningAfter spotting 2 right off the bat, we decided to keep count of how many we saw. I didn’t manage to get my phone out in time to snap a picture of any of the little guys, but we ended up seeing 7 BUNNIES. There were more bunnies than people out! And they were adorable. If they weren’t so darn fast, I totally would’ve scooped one up and brought it home to be my pet. 😉

When I got home, I stretched on the deck a bit and Brady reminded me why I would never need another pet by “helping” me.

Brady | 2 Generations Running

Brady | 2 Generations RunningI ended up sweaty and covered in dog hair.

The rest of Sunday was spent kicking back and relaxing and trying to stay cool.

How was your weekend? Did you get some good workouts in? Stay tuned for a post on Marathon #2 coming from my Mom tomorrow!

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