Gearing up for Marathon #2

Today’s post is brought to you by my Mom! Enjoy!

On the road to Marathon #2 | 2 Generations RunningSo, it’s official. I am in the second week of training for Bay State Marathon, using an intermediate race plan from The Runner’s World Big Book of Marathon and Half-Marathon Training.

Runner's World Big Book of Marathon TrainingThis plan is a bit more aggressive than the one I used when I trained for The Rochester Marathon, but I figured I could step it up a bit for marathon #2. (Definitely think I can cut out some of those walk breaks!)

But despite my not so speedy time of 4:59 for that marathon, I know I did focus on the right things. I   was determined to finish, but I also wanted to enjoy the race. So when I’m running this October, I want to remember – again –  to enjoy the day and to be grateful that I am able to run, and to remember that I don’t need to  finish the race crying and crawling to my car to have had a “good” race.

Which brings me to an interesting point.  At this week’s Good Times 5k, the members of our running club were chatting about the winning runners,  (I am always stunned by the times posted by the top women in my age group!) and one of my fellow Squannies (shorthand for our running club – the Squannacook River Runners) remarked that I’ve probably got a little more speed in me because I never “look uncomfortable when I run.” (She had finished the 5k long before me, so she wasn’t there to see me stumble over the timing mat: I could NOT have looked comfortable!)

But really, I do know what she is saying: Get comfortable with being uncomfortable and you can go faster!

But here’s the thing. I’m one of those women who never participated in sports as a kid. I ran a bit on my own in college, mostly to keep my weight down, but this is all relatively new to me. So, for the most part, I’m pretty happy just running injury-free, and looking for the occasional PR. I don’t think about winning and there is definitely a place where I draw the line, where I tell myself, “You’re doing great, you don’t need to go harder…”

But I have to admit that since I’ve moved up a bit in the standings at the Good Times Series, I am beginning to wonder if maybe I can push that line out a bit.

And I find I’m excited about the new training plan with hill repeats, speed work, and time trials – all sorts of things I have never done before. (I even had to look up what they meant.) I know it’s going to be interesting and challenging and I guess that somewhere along the way, I will discover where that new line is between, “I’m uncomfortable but it’s all good” and “This is stupid, I’m too old for this…”  And then I’ll work from there.

And I figure that by the time I run my marathon in Lowell on October 18, though I may still slow down before I cry or crawl, I will definitely let myself get uncomfortable.Rochester Marathon | 2 Generations RunningNora and I at the expo before our first marathon!


Are you training for a fall marathon? 

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