Movin’ Up in the Standings (And the Rest of My Week)

Happy Monday!

I have good news to report  – I’VE MOVED UP IN THE AGE GROUP STANDINGS FOR THE GOOD TIMES SERIES 5K. I am now in third place in my age group (and I think I have a good shot at taking second place). My mom is holding steady at FIRST PLACE in her age group.

I’m going to spare you a full recap of Tuesday’s 5k (there’s only so many times I can recap the same race/course). All you need to know is that it was another stupidly hot and humid night, but I managed to run a 23:59, which I was pretty pleased with, especially since it came with a third place finish in my age group for the night!

Lowell Good Times Summer Series 5kNext week, the forecast is calling for 90 degree temps on Tuesday AGAIN. We seriously cannot catch a break with the weather for these races! On top of that, the “theme” next week is  running the course in reverse which will mean more uphill running. I’m not thrilled about that, as I’m more a fan of the downhills myself 😉

Running Downhill GIFMy strategy for downhill running 😉

But speaking of hills… I joined my mom Wednesday evening for 5 miles of hills. Because it’s important to know your enemy, as they say. 🙂

Thursday, the exhaustion of the work week and the workouts caught up to me. I needed the rest day and was in bed by 10 pm.

Friday, I did a little weights and ab work in the evening, but nothing serious. If I had really wanted to get a good workout in, I probably should’ve gotten up early since I’m always ready to chill out when I get home from work in the evenings, but on Thursday night, I could not STAND the idea of setting my alarm for any earlier than I had to.

I made up for it with plenty of mileage over the weekend though! On Saturday, I slept in and then went for a glorious 7-miler at my leisure. My legs were feeling great, so I ended up pushing the pace for a few miles and ended up with an average pace of 9:08/mile overall. I think the all the speed work and weekly 5ks are definitely helping me get faster.

2 Generations RunningSunday, I got a little too ambitious though. I decided to join my mom on the 10-miler she had scheduled for her marathon training. This was actually a cutback week in mileage for her, so she was pretty psyched to “only have to run 10 miles”. 😉 For me though, I hadn’t run anything further than 7 miles since the Providence Half. On top of that, my legs were feeling a little fatigued from my run the day before. I made it through all ten miles, but this was not a happy run for me. I went into the run with a “10 miles? No problem!” mentality, but it didn’t last. My calves felt tight right from the get-go, and I started getting pretty grumpier and grumpier 5 miles in, until I was extremely displeased by miles 8 and 9. For the majority of this run, I kept thinking I should turn around and just cut it short. I honestly didn’t really believe I was going to run the whole way until my GPS watch dinged 9 miles, and then I knew I could finish it, even if it wasn’t pretty.

My mom plied me with a new smoothie from the Runner’s World Big Book of Marathon Training when we got home to make me feel better.

Pumpkin maple smoothieIt was a maple pumpkin smoothie, which I enjoyed straight out of the empty peanut butter container because I’m economical like that (and didn’t want any trace amounts of peanut butter to go to waste.).  DELICIOUS. Even in the middle of summer. 🙂

How was your week? 

2 thoughts on “Movin’ Up in the Standings (And the Rest of My Week)

  1. That smoothie looks fabulous! Great job on pushing through and doing that 10 miler. Those are the runs that make you stronger. Also, congrats on moving up in the AG standings! So cool!!! Have a great week 🙂


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