Cheers to a Beautiful Weekend

Wow. After a crazy hot week that JUST missed the official heat wave designation, a few thunderstorms cooled things off on Friday and Saturday, making for the PERFECT summer weekend weather. I literally made it my goal to spend as much time as possible outside on Sunday to take advantage, and I would say I definitely succeeded. 🙂

But anywho, here’s how the running shaped up for me this week –

Tuesday – Good Times Series 5k. It was freaking hot AGAIN because apparently it is always going to be hot on Tuesday nights this summer. Oh well. This week featured the “reverse the course” theme. It was interesting mixing things up and experiencing it from the opposite direction, but I would have to say the course DEFINITELY works better going in its standard direction. I ended up caught in a bottleneck early on because the group was still too clustered from the start when we hit the narrow walkway on this bridge.

Lowell Good Times Series 5k(This picture was from 2 weeks ago, but just imagine it jammed with runners going the opposite direction and you’ll pretty much get a picture of what it was like this last week.)

I was able to get around after a while, but that’s normally not a problem when we hit this part of the course after mile 2 because everyone’s gotten spread out enough. The hills were also worse going in this direction, in my opinion. That being said, I ran the EXACT same time I did the week before. Down to the second. Ugh. I was hoping to be a hair faster, but oh well. On the plus side, my last mile ended up being my fastest mile, which I was pretty excited about as that NEVER happens for me.

Wednesday – I did about 40 minutes of strength training after work, focusing on arms and abs. It was a pretty solid workout and I felt like I had pushed myself after, so I was pleased.

Thursday – I was planning an after-work run, but then thunderstorms rolled in when I was getting home, so I took the excuse for a rest day. 🙂

Friday – On Friday, I went for a nice evening run with my Mom. We were hoping to run late enough to get to enjoy the Blue Moon, but by 7:30, I was getting pretty darn comfy in my armchair and I knew if we waited any longer, I wouldn’t be able to summon the effort/motivation to get up (much less run), so we headed out then. We ended up getting some nice views of the sunset, but not so much of the moon. Still, the temps were perfect and it made for a nice, 4-miler.

Sunset Run | 2 Generations Running

Sunset Run | 2 Generations Running

Sunset Run | 2 Generations RunningSaturday – I went out for a solo 8 miles. This run felt pretty fantastic, especially considering how yucky I felt on the 10-miler a week ago.  I think the mental side of things really plays a huge role in how I feel on a run, and maybe I just felt more enthusiastic and positive going into this run than I did last week. I ran a pretty consistent 9 min/mile over the 8 miles, with a few slower miles thrown in on some of the nasty hills I hit.

Elevation Chart | 2 Generations RunningSunday – I joined my mom on a portion of the 13-miler she had scheduled, although I only did about 4.5. I was rushing to meet my friend who I had planned to walk dogs with at 10, so I used it as an excuse to push the pace on my way back, which I did successfully ending up with some nice negative splits for my last 2 miles! Then, Brady and I enjoyed an hour long walk/doggy play date, before I hit up the beach with my friend for a few hours. It was the perfect way to take advantage of the gorgeous weather.

So overall, not a bad week. This week, there’s no 5k on Tuesday, which will actually be kind of a nice mental break. It’s really hard trying to go all out in a 5k every week, and I’m looking forward to switching things up with some different workouts instead.  I’m toying with the idea of trying to fit in some more HIIT or strength training workouts in the mornings before work. And then, in 2 weeks, my mom and I will be heading down to the Cape for the Falmouth Road Race!!! I cannot wait for this race – I’ve heard such good things! Plus, it’s been a while since our last racecation. 🙂

How did your running shape up this week? Did you also have a beautiful weekend?

2 thoughts on “Cheers to a Beautiful Weekend

  1. What a great weekend and an awesome week! Great job on that hilly 8 miler! So fun that you and your mom were trying to run under the blue moon. Hope you got to see it anyway, it was so pretty!


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