The Falmouth Road Race: Part 3 [The Expo]

Need to catch up? 

So Nora has filled everyone in a bit about our adventures at the 2015 Falmouth Road Race, but I thought I might add a few words about some of the highlights for me.

Because this race is so popular that people routinely book their hotel rooms the same day of the race, for the following year, it was impossible for us to find a place to stay in Falmouth. So if you are new to this race, and don’t have relatives or an existing connection with an inn in Falmouth, don’t be afraid to look for lodgings beyond the Falmouth area. We eventually found a cute B&B in Sandwich, called the Cranberry Manor which was very nice and convenient to Falmouth.

So going back to the expo…..Obviously, hearing Meb Keflezighi  and David McGillivray, director of the B.A.A. , speak was very exciting.

the Falmouth Road Race | Race RecapMeb spoke a bit about his early life in Eritrea and also gave some of us older runners some advice. Because Meb just turned forty, he is now officially in the “Masters” division, though that title is clearly not slowing him down! But he did stress that we older runners really need to take the time to stretch and to incorporate it into our routines, just like brushing our teeth. (I have actually been pretty religious about stretching since starting my training for the Bay State Marathon, so it felt good to get the “nod” from Meb.)

2015 Falmouth Road RaceTaking our selfie, and buying his book, Run to Overcome (which he autographed!!), was probably my favorite part of the expo.

The Falmouth Road RaceI’ve already read a good chunk, and it’s been so inspiring, especially with my current marathon training.

However, we also attended a talk by Tatyana MacFadden – and that was awesome, too (Props to the Falmouth Road Race for knowing how to put on a great expo!)

The Falmouth Road Race 2015Tatyana (who was born with spina bifida) was born in an orphanage in St. Petersburg Russia, but adopted and brought to the U.S. Once here, she began her amazing career as a Paralympic athlete, with many, many victories in the wheelchair divisions of marathons all around the world. Her story is both heartwarming and inspiring and worth reading about! One reason I was so thrilled to meet her is because I have a niece who was adopted from an orphanage in China, who is also an athlete with a disability. Zoey, who is 13 years old now and has dwarfism came to the U.S in 2010. About two years ago, she began a swimming program through BlazeSports, the nationwide feeder organization for the U.S Paralympics.

The Falmouth Road Race

The Falmouth Road RaceThis is Zoey with her coach, Fred Lambeck, and assistant coach, Julie (Coach Fred’s daughter who is also an occupational therapist).

Though Zoey and all her teammates train with various physical disabilities, they learn not to let those disabilities slow them down – and they have fun and make lots of friends while doing it. So meeting a girl like Tatyana was a pretty special for us, and we wanted to share that with everyone.

If you’d like to learn more about the programs at Blaze, check them out at

Hope you’re having a great week!


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