5 Things I Love As A Runner

So this post was actually intended for the Friday Five Link-Up this past Friday – I had it all written and ready to go, and then I came home Thursday evening and I was EXHAUSTED and all I had the mental energy to do was sit in bed and watch Netflix. #BadBlogger. But then, I decided I would share it anyway, because I am not one to let a good post go to waste. 😉 So without further ado…

5 Things I ♥ As A Runner

Cox Providence Half Marathon 2015

The fact that I love PRs goes without saying.

1. Number one HAS to be new sneakers. There’s just something so awesome about kicking your training off fresh in a new pair. It almost feels like the beginning of a new year! There’s so much promise and potential, and you just hope that it all works out well (i.e., you don’t lose any toenails). I’m almost at 400 miles in my current pair and I can’t wait to upgrade. 🙂
2. Under Armour gift cards from using Map My Run. I never used to pay attention to the challenges in the Map My Run app (things like run 30 miles in 30 days and be entered to win a gift card to such and such). Then, I ended up randomly signing up for one and BINGO! I had a $15 gift card to use for Under Armour. This has actually happened to me THREE times now, with the gift cards ranging from $15-$25. Not too shabby! I’ve purchased myself a shirt, a pair of cozy lounging capris and most recently, a headband for my mom and some socks for me.
3. Is there anything better than a fresh pedicure as a runner? After I get over the fear of letting someone see my permanently gross and calloused feet that is. They always look 1,000 times better after and as my mom says, “Nothing hides a few black toenails better than nail polish.”
4. My new compression sleeves.

Zensah Compression Sleeves | 2 Generations RunningSo awesome I had to snapchat them.

I picked up my Zensah compression sleeves at the expo for the Falmouth Road Race and they’re pretty fantastic. I’m still new to compression socks and sleeves, but so far I’m loving the Zensahs. I ran my 14 miles in them last weekend (after having run a 6 mile tempo run the day before), and my legs felt fresh and good to go.

 5. Having a running buddy in my Mom.

2 Generations RunningCan’t wait for all our races to come!

Hope you’re having a great weekend!♥♥

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