The Big Move

Well, it’s official!

I’m all moved out and living in a new apartment!

2 Generations RunningThe weekend was insane with packing, a trip to IKEA, and generally trying to sort out my life (hence, the lack of blog posts). My workouts were as scant as my blogging. I only ran once, and it was a 5-miler on Saturday. This run was a mixed bag for me. I had been dealing with the aftermath of a cold and/or allergies at the time, and was still pretty congested. I told myself that I would go out and run 5 miles and not worry about the pace. Well, the good news is that I was pretty easily able to run sub-9 minute miles (around 8:50/mile on average), without it being too hard. But as far as runs go, it wasn’t great. I hate feeling like I can’t breathe through my nose on a run.

Allergies gif | 2 Generations RunningIt’s the worst.

I’m hoping I’ll still be ready for Bay State in 2 and a half weeks! My training has definitely been less than strict for this half (to put it mildly), so I’m just not sure what that will translate into as far as a time.

But the good news is, I’m finally feeling better and ready to get back to running (minus the congestion) and exploring my new area! So far, I’m loving the new location. Today, I joined the gym that is literally directly across the street from me. It’s going to be perfect come winter when the streets are icy and gross with snow, and I don’t want to risk my life trying to run.

2 Generations RunningWinter is coming.

Hope you had a great weekend too!

8 thoughts on “The Big Move

  1. Congratulations on your new place! That is so exciting! I am also dealing with cold/allergy crap – I totally feel you on how it’s a mixed bag lately. I’m also feeling much better today, but the past two days were pretty ugly. I hope you enjoy running in your new neighborhood!


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