Bay State Marathon: The Final Week (Guest Post)

So after a long absence, here I am! In fact, I had started a post at the mid-way-training point for the marathon, and never finished it, then had hopes of writing one at week 12, and never got around to that either! I think working at my local farm stand, my vacation on the Cape with hubby, and then moving Nora into her new digs all had something to do with that – not to mention all the running!

Chatham, MAAt least I had some beautiful views for my training runs on the Cape!

But in any case, here we are at week 15!! Marathon #2 is THIS WEEKEND!

Bay State Marathon | 2 Generations RunningI have to say this year’s marathon training plan seems to have gone well (though obviously, more will be revealed on race day). Still, I made it through a more ambitious plan than I had used previously and managed to do so without apparent injury. Knock on wood!!

Aside from following the training plan’s  running schedule  (the intermediate plan from Runner’s World Big Book of Marathons and Half Marathons <- great resource!), these are the things I tried to do consistently these last 4 months:

I ate a lot of ginger and drank ginger tea. (I boil slices of ginger in water, drink the water and eat a few slices of ginger every day. It isn’t the most pleasant thing, but considering that I have only taken Ibuprofen once in the last four months, I have to think it is doing something good for me.)

I make sure I eat well before those long runs. I learned last year that skipping the meals leading up to a long run really affected how I felt, so this year I was mindful about eating, especially those lovely carbs!

I have been more diligent about eating breakfast, even if I am not running. This is actually hard for me, because I am not a breakfast person, and I really don’t want to eat in the morning. Maybe ice cream would go down more easily, but wait…I think Nora and I learned that ice cream is not really a good running fuel. 😉

I have been much more diligent about stretching and using my foam roller after a run, and even on rest days. To make sure I don’t skimp on stretching I have made it a sort of ritual, with a little incense and some wonderfully relaxing music by R. Carlos Nakai. After some of his wonderful Native American songs, I feel re-energized and ready for anything.

I am also trying compression socks/sleeves for the first time. As the weather has gotten cool, I have worn them on longer runs and also the day after, and my legs feel great. I began to think there was really something to this when I ran 12 miles in the morning and then worked at the farm stand where I was on my feet for the next  5 hours – and felt no fatigue at all!  (Can’t wait for my Lily Trotters to arrive, maybe in time for Bay State?!!)

But no one is perfect and these are the things I have not been able to do:

I cannot seem to get to bed “early”. I’m kind of a night owl and even when I have a long run scheduled, I can’t quite get to bed at a reasonable time. I seem to be addicted to the shows that come on at 10PM. (ie, How to Get Away with Murder and Castle….)

Bay State Marathon | 2 Generations RunningAnd I can’t give up my glass of wine!! ( I suppose I wouldn’t be French if I could.)

Bay State Marathon| 2 Generations RunningWhere would I be without my life coaches? 😉

So with two weeks to go, I know that it’s time to take a breath, enjoy these two “taper weeks” and trust that I have done the work. And as long as we don’t have snow to contend with (which is actually a HORRIBLE POSSIBILITY given the current forecast), I’m pretty confident I will run a good race.

Wish Nora and I luck! Runner friends -which do you enjoy more: tapering or carbo-loading? 

7 thoughts on “Bay State Marathon: The Final Week (Guest Post)

  1. charissarunning

    Good luck to both of you this weekend at Baystate!! It looks like you’ve had some great training going into your second marathon – it gets easier the second time around doesn’t it? I would have to say I love the carbo-loading before the big race – definitely one of my favorite parts. And I’m with you on not giving up my glass of wine! I had one the night before each and every long run leading up to my marathon 🙂


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