Back in Town

Oh happy days, I AM BACK IN TOWN!

2 Generations Running

Just to summarize my recent travels – first, there was Indianapolis, then home for a day, and then I was off to Maine with my mom. Then, back to my apartment for a day and off to Houston, TX. If I include connecting flights, I think that’s 6 states I’ve been in in the past 2 weeks. Yikes!

While I love traveling, I’m SO ready for a break. I’m excited to have some downtime to yes, focus on my blog, and get back into a routine at the gym. And needless to say, airport food (and all the restaurants I ate at while traveling) were not exactly conducive to my goal of focusing more on my nutrition. But, I’ll be home for a while now and I’m ready to start fresh.

I kicked off my return to Boston with a pretty cool race this past weekend.

Fenway Spartan Race | 2 Generations RunningThe FENWAY SPARTAN SPRINT! I worked at the event on Saturday, which was kind of exhausting (especially after my flight got in around 12:30 AM Thursday), but also kind of fun because it got me really amped up to race on Sunday with my mom and my brother.

I’m going to save the recap until our free race photos are posted, but given that we are all standing upright and smiling in the above photo, I’d say it was a success! 🙂

This week, I’m looking forward to getting back into a routine at the gym (once I get over how sore I am), and soaking up these wonderful last few days of warm Fall temperatures! November has been weirdly pleasant so far… I hope that doesn’t mean we’re due for a snowstorm.

How was your weekend? 

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