I think I’m in Love…

This whole week was pretty solid in terms of workouts, but Saturday’s run was my FAVORITE.

Running Along the Charles in Boston | 2 Generations RunningProbably because I finally got to run with my favorite running partner again!

Boston Running | 2 Generations RunningSquinty, sweaty and happy!

My mom drove up to visit me Saturday morning all suited up to go for a run. It was a gorgeous day, sunny and in the mid-40’s and we made the short subway ride into Boston to run along the Charles River. I had run there a few times after work with my coworkers, but those runs were always relatively quick, so I was excited to explore the area more with my mom.

Running Along the Charles River, Boston | 2 Generations RunningThere were tons of runners out on the trail, and the pictures prove why! These views were GORGEOUS, and the trails were long with plenty of mileage for whatever distance you could possibly want to run. We got to run past so many parts of Boston that I had never really checked out before, including the Boston University campus and the Museum of Science. My mom and I happily chatted the whole time we ran, discussing everything from the upcoming Thanksgiving weekend to marathon training to my job. The 8 miles we ran just ticked by until we finally realized we were HUNGRY and ready to go out and find some lunch.

Running along the Charles River, Boston | 2 Generations RunningWe ended up in the Beacon Hill area, which is a totally gorgeous part of Boston with cobblestone streets, plenty of cute shops, and little restaurants and bakeries. Unfortunately, it was also right around noon, so every restaurant we went into was mobbed.

Hungry GIFAfter going into 3-4 different places, we FINALLY found one with open tables and an appealing menu (of course, now I can’t remember what it was called for the life of me.)

The service was a little slow (definitely seemed like they were understaffed for a Saturday afternoon), but we finally got our order – grilled cheese sandwiches, a Greek salad to share, a glass of chocolate milk (for me), and 2 FANTASTIC lattes. Everything was so good! Although, I’m pretty sure food always tastes better after a run. 😉

We explored a little bit more, walking through the Boston Public Garden and then through Downtown Crossing, where we grabbed a couple of pastries to go to have with coffee back at my apartment.

Overall, it was the perfect day and my mom and I decided that it was so fun that we may have to make it a monthly occurrence. 🙂 Of course, if Boston’s winter is anything like it was last year, then that might be a little bit challenging (or a lot.) But, I am just going to cross my fingers and pray that it’s not that bad this year because I think I’m in love with running in Boston.

How was your weekend? Are you as excited as I am for Thanksgiving???


10 thoughts on “I think I’m in Love…

  1. Love running around the Charles River! I do my shakeout there every year when I run Boston. My aunt lives in Brookline so I just run down Babcock Street and make my way over to the trail. It’s the best! Glad you got to run with your mom again 🙂


  2. charissarunning

    I’m hoping this is going to be a mild winter. Last winter was definitely a challenge! Sounds like a really fun day with your mom. Running with others (followed by brunch/food in general!) is the best time ever 😀


  3. dgobs

    That sounds like an amazing day 🙂 I love running by the river too, though I’ve only stuck to the section between the MoS and Mass Ave bridge for my runs. (I did a cancer walk that went reeeeally far down past BU, and I’ve driven by the section in Watertown a million times, and would love to extend my run down to there someday!) In the past New Balance has paid to have at least part of the running path plowed during the winter, so hopefully that will continue and you’ll be able to get a fix during the upcoming winter too!


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