2015: Our Year in Running

Can you all believe that 2016 is basically here?? I don’t know where the time goes!

Happy New Years | 2 Generations RunningIn the spirit of a very attractive Leonardo DiCaprio, let’s toast to a new year and take a look back at all the awesome running that happened in 2015.

Some stats:

  • 956 total miles run (probably a bit more than that from runs I forgot to log)
  • 3 half marathons completed (2 for my mom)
  • 1 marathon run (Baystate for my mom)
  • A lot of 5ks run (from the Lowell Good Times Series over the summer)
  • 2 age group wins (for both my mom and me in the Good Times Series again!)
  • New PRs in the 5k, half marathon, and marathon for both me and my mom! My mom went sub-2 hours for the first time at the Providence Half.

2015 running mileage, Map My Run | 2 Generations RunningIt was a pretty awesome year. Winning the Good Times Series by one point is probably my all-time favorite running memory EVER, and I was insanely proud that I was able to shave 45 seconds off my 5K PR.

The Lowell Good Times SeriesThat win was a huge confidence boost for me, and I went into the Baystate Half Marathon ready to be more aggressive than I had ever been in a half marathon before. While I was nervous that I was going to crash and burn at the end of that race (I’m not used to starting out at 8:15/mile), I actually got stronger, running my fastest times for miles 10-13 for a 5-minute PR. Watching my mom finish the marathon and shave roughly 30 minutes off her previous time was icing on the cake.

Baystate Marathon 2015Here she is going into the finish, still looking strong after 26 miles!

Injury-wise, there was nothing too serious in 2015 (thank god). I seem to remember having some slight runner’s knee at one point, but it went away quickly with stretching. My mom remained strong throughout marathon training and was able to reach race day 100% healthy. We also started strength training on a more regular basis, especially after I discovered Fitnessblender videos!

2015 was also the year we got to meet one of our running idols, Meb!! This was after we won the lottery (for entry into the Falmouth Road Race).

2015 Falmouth Road RaceTaking selfies with Meb, like the pals we are.

In 2015, I walked in my graduation and symbolically entered the real world.

grad_2So far so good – I actually managed to get a job doing what I wanted to do (planning races), I moved out, and I completed 2 obstacle course races! I even managed to convince my mom and brother to join me for one!

Fenway Spartan Race | 2 Generations RunningWow, writing this post and just looking back at it all makes me realize just how fantastic 2015 really was. I am so excited to get started on 2016. Who knows what the Augusta Half and Delaware Marathon will hold for us, but I feel in my gut that it’s going to be good.

2 Generations RunningLet’s get running.

How was 2015 for you? Any big goals going into 2016 (fitness or otherwise?)





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