Delaware Marathon – Training Officially Begins!

Happy Monday! I hope everyone is as lucky as I am to be enjoying the holiday and long weekend!

I’m feelin’ very excited right now. Today officially marks the beginning of my 16 weeks of training for the Delaware Marathon!

Delaware Marathon and Running Festival | 2 Generations RunningI know this training cycle will have its challenges and there will be mornings when I wake up and really don’t want to run, but right now I just feel thrilled to have another big race on the calendar and something challenging to work towards. I’m psyched that my mom will be running the full again for her 3rd marathon and that we’ll be going through the training for this race together (even though the vast majority of our runs will be on our own.)

Even though my training hadn’t officially begun, I got some great workouts in this week and I’m feeling confident about my base going into the training. My first long run this Sunday will be 9 miles – PIECE OF CAKE!

Too Easy GIF | 2 Generations Running

Here’s what my workouts looked like this week:

Monday30 minute booty boot camp courtesy of Fitnessblender. I love all the squats and lunges in this workout and I’m hoping to continue to incorporate it as strength training as I train for Delaware.

Tuesday – 4.2 miles on the treadmill at the gym. The first mile I did as a warm-up, the second I did at 8:06/mile and then I slowed down my 3rd and 4th miles to between 8:20 and 8:34/mile. I’m aiming for a goal pace of 8:05/mile, but for whatever reason, this pace feels so much harder on the treadmill (or dreadmill as the case may be.) I know there are going to be tempo runs I’m going to HAVE to get done on the treadmill, so I’m just going to have to suck it up I suppose.

Wednesday – Off. I ended up going out to eat with my roommates in the evening, and had a burger and sweet potato fries, which were pretty amazing. I had been planning on doing some strength training that day, but it didn’t happen. Oh well though. It was my last week of flexibility in that respect, so I’m not going to beat myself up over the skipped workout.

Thursday – Ran 4 miles outside after work in the cold/dark. My pace ended up averaging 9:20/mile which was slower than I wanted, but I kept coming across snowy, icy patches on my running trail and having to slow down until I got around them. It does make me worried about trying to hit my goal paces throughout this training cycle though – basically, my options are to try to run fast through the dark (by running before work or after work), which isn’t a great idea OR to take the run to the treadmill. I guess we’ll see how it goes!

Friday – I did 1 mile warm-up and then 8 x 400 meter repeats (at 7:24/mile) with 400 recovery on the treadmill. I did this after work on Friday, and boy was my stomach not having it. I’m thinking for my future speed workouts, it’s going to be better for me to get them done early in the morning before work and while my stomach is relatively empty, cause this run really sucked. I’m glad I was able to get through it, but I just felt crappy the whole time and my stomach never adjusted. I’ll consider it a lesson learned though.

Saturday – Snowy/Rainy 6 miles.

Tips and Tricks for Winter Running | 2 Generations RunningOf course, it cleared up and the sun came out in the AFTERNOON, after I was done. Typical. To be fair, I could have chosen to stay indoors and do a cross training workout, BUT I really wanted one of my gluten free bagels for breakfast in the morning and I reserve those for runs of 6 miles or more. So I ran the requisite six miles in snow… which changed to freezing rainwhich changed to regular rain. I was a cold, sopping wet mess by the end of the run, but at least I had my trail to myself since no one else was crazy enough to be outdoors in that weather!

Sunday – January Boston run with my mom! Thankfully, the weather cooperated and it was cloudy and in the 30s. My mom arrived in the late morning and we headed into Boston for our run along the Charles. We ended up doing 5 miles along the river and then I took my mom on a running tour through Downtown crossing and the Financial District up to the North End, finishing our run at just about 8 miles. We then got coffee and lunch at the Thinking Cup (<super cute place that I highly recommend if you are ever in Boston!) I got a grilled cheese and my mom tried the “Jittery Hen” – coffee-braised chicken, pickles, and gruyere cheese on sourdough bread. SUPER weird sounding combination, right? Somehow, it worked though and was delicious!

The Thinking Cup, Boston | 2 Generations RunningAfter we had fueled up again on our coffee and lunch, we browsed through Boston Public Market, which was hopping on the Sunday afternoon! It’s entirely indoors, and filled with plenty of delicious and farm-fresh products like honey, cheese, maple syrup, freshly made cider donuts, and so much more. My mom and I opted to get a a yummy-looking pumpkin bread which we enjoyed with more coffee (we’re addicts clearly…) back at my apartment while we booked our flights to Georgia for the end of February! Augusta Half Marathon, we’re comin’ for ya!

So many good things this week. I’d say 2016 is off to a wonderful start. 🙂

What’s your next race? How do you usually feel at the beginning of a training cycle – nervous or excited? 

7 thoughts on “Delaware Marathon – Training Officially Begins!

  1. Run Away With Me

    I love all of this! Especially your addiction to coffee and your badassness for running in the freezing rain. I will go out of my way to run in the snow, but I avoid freezing rain for sure! No matter what I wear on my hands my fingers always freeze. On a totally unrelated note, I haven’t been to your site in a while and totally love it! Did you just buy your website name or go completely self-hosted? I’m thinking about making the big jump but I’m scared it’s going to be really tough and cost a fortune! Any tips would be awesome 🙂


    • Hey, thanks!!! Haha, I wasn’t thrilled about the freezing rain, but there was no turning back once I was out there! I bought my domain, but I’m still hosted through WordPress so it’s not expensive at all ($18 a year) plus I paid a 1-time fee for a fancier blog theme, but it was totally worth it. I don’t have 100% control over customization features, but I feel like I’ve done ok with without it. I really love the new look you just set up for your blog though – I think it looks awesome!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Yay for marathon training! Nice job this week. I’ve heard good things about that marathon! Also that, delicious coffee has me craving another cup of coffee now – that looks awesome! So excited that you got to spend time with your mom, too. You guys are the cutest ❤


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