Friday 5: My Top 5 Bucket List Races

Ah, look at me posting so diligently this week! I think the marathon training must have me just hyped up about running, blogging, and LIFE IN GENERAL! 

So Excited | 2 Generations RunningHopefully not though.

Anyways, I was thinking it was about time I got back to participating in the Friday Five Link-Up with Courtney, Mar, and Cynthia. As it would happen, this week is a “Free” week – so basically, I get to pick the theme! In keeping with my current mood (i.e., super jazzed about running),  I thought I would share my 5 bucket list races. I don’t know when these races are going to happen, all I know is that I NEED to race them someday (probably after I win the lottery or something and have tons of money to spend on race entry fees.)

  1. The Boston Marathon. I think this one almost goes without saying and I’ve documented my dream of running Boston someday on the blog before. It’s the biggest marathon there is in the running community and there is something almost odyssey-like about the quest to run a BQ. Top 5 Bucket List Races | 2 Generations Running
  2. The Chicago Marathon. I watched the documentary, Spirit of the Marathonright before I ran one of my very first half marathons and I was almost entranced I found it so inspiring. The movie follows the training of a group of 5 runners preparing for the Chicago Marathon – a group ranging from an elite (Deena Kastor) to a 1st time marathoner. If you are a runner and haven’t seen Spirit of the Marathon yet, you seriously need to check it out. From the moment I watched the movie, I knew Chicago was a race I would want to run (at some point).
  3. The Philadelphia Marathon (or Half Marathon). Philadelphia has always seemed like one of those super cool cities and a fantastic place to visit for a race. I’ve heard it’s a beautiful course with plenty of crowd support (just like Boston and Chicago). Maybe these big races just appeal to me because most of the races I’ve done have been on the smaller side? I don’t know, but either way Philly is on the list.
  4. California International Marathon. CIM only recently got on my radar after hearing Amanda Nurse, a guest on the Running on Om podcast talk about her successful attempt to qualify for the Olympic trials there. Amanda ran her first marathon in 3:26 but was able to carve her times down to her current 2:40 marathon PR. It was so incredible listening to her talk about her running journey on the podcast and it just made me really want to also run this race someday!
  5. Grandma’s Marathon (Duluth, MN). I figured it was probably worth including one smaller race in this list, and Grandma‘s has always seemed like an awesome race to me. I remember seeing Alison’s photos on her blog from when she ran the race and thinking it looked absolutely beautiful with much of the course along Lake Superior. I’m pretty sure I want this to be our Minnesota race when my mom and I look to cross off that state!

So there you go! A lot of miles and fun packed into those 5 races. And who knows, maybe I’ll end up crossing one of these off my list in 2016! 🙂

Friday 5 Link-Up

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If you had to pick one top race to run, what would it be? Have you ever run any of these races? How were they? 

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