My First Boot Camp Class

Ahhh TGIF everyone!!!!

TGIF | 2 Generations RunningI may or may not bust out these moves on the elevator when I leave the office this afternoon.

On Monday, I went to my very first boot camp class with one of my coworkers. She had found a Groupon online for 5 weeks of unlimited classes at a very reasonable price. The gym offered tons of yoga, spin, and boot camp classes throughout the day making it super easy finding classes that worked with my schedule, and it was conveniently located right near a T-stop that’s on my way home. Even  though I had just begun my training plan at the time, this all sounded so awesome that I just couldn’t pass it up.

Monday was scheduled to be cross-training (and rest day sort of), so I headed to class with my friend after work. I’d had kind of a rough day and I was seriously looking forward to working up a sweat. The instructor was super friendly as soon as we walked in, and got us started right on time.

There were only 5 or so of us in this particular class, so it wasn’t crowded at all, which I was happy about since it was a pretty small space. The instructor got some great music going and then had us rotate between 6 stations every few minutes. It was basically 30 minutes of high intensity interval training (needless to say, not exactly a rest day!). I thought the 30 minutes was going to feel short, but I was pretty tired by the end and my arms were ACHING!

Rope ExerciseWe did this rope exercise which I’ve always thought looked super bada$$. I never realized how tiring it is though! My shoulder blades and back are still recovering.

The other stations included spiderman crunches, TRX-style jump squats, resistance band walks, planks, toe taps on a medicine ball, reverse lunges with a shoulder press, and ladder grapevine runs.

Boot Camp Classes

It was awesome! But not surprisingly, I was sore the next day and I was even more sore 2 days later when I had a 5-mile hill workout scheduled. So that’s my problem. I think this class is a fantastic workout and great cross-training, but I’m worried that it might negatively impact some of my hard running workouts. I thought about going to another class Thursday night, but I have a tempo run scheduled for Friday morning and I really didn’t want to make that any harder than it’s already going to be.

My plan is to try to talk to the instructors (they seem super friendly and approachable) to see if it’s possible to modify some of the moves to put less stress on my legs, since I’m already getting that with the runs. My other worry is that I might injure myself on some of these higher intensity moves that my body isn’t used to. I CAN’T GET INJURED!!!!!! I get panicky just thinking about it.

Next week I’ll be traveling for 4 days anyway so I’ll be taking an impromptu break from these classes anyway, but my plan is to get back into them (with modifications) when I come back.

Do you do any type of HIIT training in addition to running? Ever tried a boot camp class? 

5 thoughts on “My First Boot Camp Class

  1. Kathy

    Well, this is the first of your blogs that I actually understand. One of my fellow teachers gives a boot camp for teachers and I’ve taken boot camp with her. A good teacher can modify movements for you. The point is to get strong(er) and fit(ter), not injured. If the instructor can’t modify, run away.


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