Thoughts on Marathon #3 (Guest Post)

I asked my Mom to write up a few words on her thoughts on training for her 3rd marathon, and here is what she had to say!


I remember when Nora and I started talking about doing a half marathon, my husband immediately began teasing us that pretty soon we would be planning to run a full. I remember standing by the stove as we cooked ,) telling my husband that I would NEVER EVER run a full marathon…

Ok, so now – as I plan for my third one – he gets to say a big “I told you so!!!”

Baystate Marathon 2015And frankly, I guess I’m a little surprised too. But I’ve been lucky in that my first two marathons have been great experiences, so that it seems only natural to want to keep challenging myself a little bit more each time.

This time, we have the challenge of training through the winter – a new one for Nora and me – and the additional goal (that I almost don’t want to voice) that we would like to BQ at Delaware.

Nervous | 2 Generations RunningSo that adds a little stress to my usually laid-back approach to training – which has always worked out for me in the past.

So what will I do differently this time, with this loftier goal in sight?

I am following the same training plan as I did for Bay State, (the intermediate plan from the Runner’s World Big Book of Marathon and Half-Marathon Training) but this time, I will try to really stick to the pace recommendations. Training in the summer, the heat and humidity made this difficult for me, so we will see if the cooler temps will make this part easier. (Of course, I’ve already tried to do some pace runs that have been slowed way down due to icy and snowy roads, so that will obviously be a big factor. (Sorry, Mid-Atlantic States, but I have to admit that I was pretty happy we dodged the big snow storm last weekend!)

Cross Train: I don’t know why, but training over the summer I didn’t seem to have the energy to do much cross-training. I feel like I should try to be more aggressive about implementing some cross-training sessions now but I also didn’t like any of the options offered by the local gyms. No worries.  I will simply be doing lots of Fitnessblender videos on YouTube – which I really like and always find pretty challenging! (Try Kelli’s Upper Body Workout for People Who Get Bored Easily)  The only downside is that I won’t have the option of treadmill runs if the weather suddenly stops cooperating.  (But that’s why I bought so much cold weather running gear for Christmas!)

What will I do the same….

Food and Drink: I’m continuing to consume lots of ginger and drink ginger tea for its anti-inflammatory properties. I’ve been so lucky about avoiding injury that I’m really nervous that this time things will change. I get panicky every time I feel a weird little twinge in my feet and I quickly run to the fridge to peel more ginger.

2 Generations Running(What I’m hoping to avoid..)

Socks: About midway into the last training session I discovered wearing compression socks really helped, so I will be wearing them all winter, which will actually be easier than wearing them through the summer – which always resulted in some strange looks, or at least questions.

Stretch and Roll: I was super diligent about rolling and stretching after runs and I realize I have to continue to do that, especially as I seem to feel a little stiffer after running in the cold.

Chilling Out (And this one’s not about the cold.): Whether I’m running or cooking, I am too often finding myself agonizing about paces, comparing methods and theories, and worrying about the difference between a tempo vs a strength run –  and texting Nora about my fears and questions.

[I do get a lot of these texts, but I don’t mind!!]

So I think that this time around I am going to have to work especially hard at remembering that, whatever happens, I need to continue to be grateful for the fact that I can run – whether it’s a marathon training run – or just a few miles with a friend. My twingy feet and legs and all the wonderful parts that keep doing what they are supposed to be doing to enable me to move like this are huge and wonderful blessings – that I will not take for granted.

Baystate Marathon 2015So let’s continue the journey!

2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Marathon #3 (Guest Post)

  1. Cooper

    All these wonderful pictures will just become more precious as time goes by. Great stuff! (I hope Jim makes note of the time he was right.)


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