I’m Still Alive!

So I haven’t done a post to the blog in over 2 weeks now. OOPS! Yes, I’m still alive and well – life has just been insane.

For the sake of catching you all up in a timely manner, here’s a quick run-down of what I’ve been up to lately.

  • The weekend after the Augusta Half, my mom and I both ran Stu’s 30k race. We had done it before, but only ever as a relay. This year, we each ran the full 18.9 miles. It was a challenging and hilly course, but we were both pretty happy with how we did.
  • The following week, I traveled to Texas to work an event for my job. I was there for just under a week, which really threw a wrench in the marathon training gears. If I were to sum up the trip in a few words, it would be: fire ants, flooding, stress, and lack of sleep. Oh, and my phone also got run over. So yeah… That’s all I’m going to say about that.

life sucks GIF


  • This past weekend, my mom and I celebrated my birthday by running ANOTHER half marathon, the New Bedford Half.

New Bedford Half MarathonI have to admit, I was still pretty exhausted and beat up going into this race and was not quite as excited and enthusiastic for it as I usually am. Still, it was a great event and my mom managed to shave 2 minutes off her PR, running well under her goal marathon pace for the entire 13.1 miles (I think that’s a good sign!). I was about 10 seconds off my goal pace, but considering I hadn’t run in a week and was not feeling in peak condition, I’ll take it.

New Bedford Half

So to summarize – the marathon training is still happening, but life has 100% thrown some challenges my way lately. Now, I’ve just got to focus on resetting and not letting that missed week freak me out too much. It sucks that I basically missed a whole week of running, but I know in my heart of hearts, it was unavoidable, so I can’t really feel guilty about it. I just need to double-down and get back to the plan.

2 Generations RunningHave you ever missed a whole week of workouts during a training block? How did you adjust? Did anyone else race this weekend?

One thought on “I’m Still Alive!

  1. Welcome back! Right at the beginning of this training block, I missed a whole week because I was sick. Like week 3 or something. I was devastated. But I picked up and carried on. “They” say (no idea who they is anymore) if you miss a week, carry on. Two weeks, reduce volume by 50% to ease back in. You got this!


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