Massages for Runners… Review and Giveaway

Happy Monday everyone!

Hope you all enjoyed the weekend and Easter if you celebrated it! I was happy to get together with my family, aunt, uncle, and cousins for a big feast that was almost on the level of Thanksgiving!

Today, I’m excited to share with you all a review and giveaway brought to you by the awesome folks over at Massage Envy. I was provided a complimentary massage in exchange for the review, however all opinions are my own.

When they reached out to me about doing a review, it took me about a second to say yes. Umm, hello – I’m training for a marathon here, of course I want a massage!

Massage Envy ReviewMassages are well-known to be beneficial for runners. Professional runner Deena Kastor (who holds the Women’s Masters record in the marathon, as well as numerous other records) is actually married to a massage therapist, so she gets massages after all her hard workouts. Lucky her.

Because running is a repetitive, high-force action, it can cause the muscles to shorten and tighten and decrease circulation. This leads to reduced range of motion, which can cause a waterfall effect that leads to injuries as you alter your running stride to compensate for your imbalances. With marathon training, I’ve been putting way more stress on my legs than I have in a long time. I like running and all, but I’m not normally one to go out for 18-20 miles. I’ve definitely been feeling the effects of the increased mileage – my calves are not very happy with me right now. So, yes, I was pretty psyched about the idea of a Friday evening massage. 🙂

Massage Envy offers a wide range of massage options, from hot stone massages to Swedish massage to Deep Tissue massage. Their prices are also pretty reasonable (as far as massages go). Some of the fancier spas will pretty much charge you an arm and a leg (after they massage them out for you, of course.) At $49.99 for a 1 hour massage, Massage Envy is a pretty solid deal.

I went for my massage on Friday evening, the night before my 20-miler. Ideally, I should have had the massage 1-2 days after this workout for maximum benefits, but my schedule has been so hectic lately that I was happy to be able to get in at all. (*That’s something to think about when scheduling a massage for post-run recovery. I made the mistake of getting my first massage ever the same afternoon as my first marathon – I could barely walk and my back was extremely chafed from my sports bra, which made it a little tricky to navigate for the massage therapist!)

They saw me right on time, and before the massage began, the therapist talked to me about my training, what areas I felt needed targeting, and the pressure I wanted (I went with medium). I really appreciated that she took those few minutes to understand what my goals and problem areas were.

Massage Envy ReviewThe atmosphere was SO relaxing in the massage room – all dim light, and soothing music. The table was heated, and now I’m convinced I might need an electric blanket to semi-recreate the experience. The massage itself was perfect, and just the right amount of pressure. The hour passed all too quickly, and then the masseuse was instructing me to drink plenty of water to flush away all the lactic acid and to pay extra attention to my lower back in my stretching/foam-rolling routine.

Overall, I would 100% recommend Massage Envy. They have so many locations that it makes it really convenient to get there, and the quality of their massages is top notch.

Now for the fun part. 🙂

Who would like to try Massage Envy? I’m excited to be giving away a gift card for 1 free 1-hour massage ($49.99 value) to a lucky reader. To enter, comment below telling me why you could use a massage, whether it be job stress or added mileage in your running routine! Contest closes Wednesday, March 30th at midnight!

7 thoughts on “Massages for Runners… Review and Giveaway

  1. Kate Cooper

    Hi, Nora. While I don’t run, I do walk and attend an aerobics class. I find that if I don’t stretch after doing these things, I can get pretty gnarled up. I’ve had only a couple massages in my life which were ho hum experiences. I’d be interested to try Massage Envy.


  2. charissarunning

    This sounds fantastic! I’ve actually never gotten a professional massage before and I think it’d be great to try it out at some point after a long run to soothe those sore and tight muscles 🙂


  3. dgobs

    Ooh, I’m a huge fan of massages! I’ve always wanted to try a post-race massage, but scheduling is always tricky… especially since I don’t think ahead far enough 🙂 My calf muscles are pretty much always tight and full of knots, so getting those worked out would be nice! Plus work has been cuckoo-bananas lately, and there’s some tension in my neck and shoulders too. Hmm, I may need to just go book myself a massage right now!


  4. Jeffrey

    Massage, count me in for sure! I could really use a massage this spring. I’m running a marathon on April 18th followed 6 days later by another. The second one is sort of a fun run. My family does the relay which I am apart of but I also do the full, keeping everyone else company on the course. Our team consists of myself, wife, two boys and my dad. If that isn’t enough I am running one 3 weeks after that, it is on my birthday and I figured there was no better way to celebrate than with 10,000+ like-minded individuals!


  5. Kim K.

    doesnt look like my comment went through, so trying again! im constantly training for some race, and have a lot of aches and pains so a massage would be awesome!


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