Happy Friday (and the Giveaway Winner!)

Happy Friday everyone!

I am super excited to announce the winner of the Massage Envy gift card is… Jeffrey! Congrats Jeffrey, there’s a free massage coming your way!

Happy DanceI hope you’ve all had a good week. Mine has been a little insane. Between training for Delaware, traveling for work, and impending deadlines,  to say I’ve been slightly stressed this week would be an understatement.

But at least it’s the weekend now. 🙂

I finally got back into the swing of my regular running routine this week, starting with 3 miles on Monday, 4 miles + strides on Tuesday, and 7 miles on Wednesday. You know what made me SUPER excited about these runs though?

Running along the CharlesThe warmth + sunlight late into the afternoon/evening! The picture above is probably from around 6 pm and it looks like broad daylight!!!! I might be a little too excited about this.

I stayed after work on Tuesday and Wednesday and ran along the Charles, which was gorgeous and such a nice change of pace from all the treadmill miles I’ve logged recently. There were so many runners out, many of them wearing Boston Marathon jackets. There are also banners on some of the streetlights now advertising the race. You can tell the city is beginning to feel the marathon fever.

SunsetI love running along the Charles. The only thing that bummed me out about these runs in the city was that my GPS watch was never able to find signal with all the tall buildings and I don’t think MapMyRun was very accurate, so I’m not entirely sure what my paces were. Not a huge deal, but I like to at least know that I’m running fast if it feels like a challenge.

This weekend, I’ve got another 20 miler on the agenda. I’m not looking forward to it, but I’m not really dreading it either. After last week, I know I can do it. Right now, I feel like I need to work on dialing back into my goal marathon pace. I was doing really well during the first half of the training block, but I feel like I’ve lost some of that speed since my work travel kicked in. I want to get back to the feeling I had when I ran Augusta – like I can crank out the miles and just pick up speed as I go along.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the beginnings of spring!

Spring RunningIf you run in an urban area, do you ever have issues with your GPS watch? Are certain watches better at finding signal than others? Are you loving the extra daylight as much as I am??

5 thoughts on “Happy Friday (and the Giveaway Winner!)

  1. Kim K.

    ugh, i have a garmin forerunner 310 (a pretty old triathlon specific watch) and i work in downtown boston. it takes forever to get satellites here. because i am familiar with my running routes, i know where mile 1 is, so if my satellites don’t pick up by then, i stop and try to connect them again. the good news though is that once i get those satellites downtown, the following days the satellites pick up really quickly. good luck with your 20 miler! im racing duxbury half on saturday (thank goodness it’s saturday; the wind and potential snow looks brutal for sunday).


      • Kim K.

        I work in the pregnant BOA building! typically i run down to castle island or through the public garden to storrow! what about you?


      • Haha, I think the building you’re talking about is in the same area as my office! what a small world! I also run down to Storrow and along the Charles – I love that there’s always so many runners out there, it helps keep me motivated when I’m feeling less excited to run. 😉 I’ve never run out to Castle Island before though! Is that a nice route?


  2. The extra daylight is amazing! I also run in the evenings (which I 100% prefer over mornings), but it can be demoralizing running in the dark all the time. Being able to leave work, putz around the house awhile, and still do my whole run in daylight is so nice!


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