Miles on Miles

Happy Monday guys!

This weekend brought the end to one of the highest mileage weeks I have run in a REALLY long time. The long run this weekend wasn’t even that bad (only 15!!!), but there was a lot of mid-week mileage. All in all, I ran 46 miles in the past week! That’s not too crazy as far as some marathon training plans go, but it felt like a lot since I missed so many runs a couple weeks ago and this type of mileage is really not the norm for me in my day-to-day running.

Monday – I was planning on going to a 3-mile fun run followed by a marathon nutrition discussion hosted at a running store in Boston, but the weather had other plans – aka snow. Yeah, happy April. The roads and sidewalks were a mess, and I didn’t really want to risk slipping, so I decided to skip the event, but I was pretty bummed. In hindsight, I’m kind of happy this was a rest day since they were few and far between this week.

Tuesday – The training plan called for a time trial, but the roads were still slippery, so I decided to do this time trial treadmill-style. I warmed up for a mile, and then dove into it. I’m always a little nervous about going all out on a treadmill (just doesn’t feel safe), so I kept it a little slower than I would typically run a trial on a track. Still, it got my legs moving and heart pumping! I cooled down with a mile after, so 3 miles total.

Wednesday – 9 miles total w/ 4 1-mile repeats. I already talked about this workout a little, but I’m still so excited about how it went. This is the furthest I’ve ever run in the morning before going to work, and it just felt like such an accomplishment when I finished! Of course, I did have to get up at the butt-crack of dawn to get it all done, which was less pleasant.

My favorite thing to do is sleepI was CLEARLY not fully awake when I was getting dressed for this run, because I noticed when I got to the gym that I had put my workout capris on backwards. LOL. I was just glad I noticed my mistake before I started running!

Thursday – 4 miles easy. Technically, this was supposed to be a 6-miler, but I was running a little late (literally) and having some stomach issues on top of that, so I called it at 4.

Friday – 7 miles, 5 at goal marathon pace. Another early morning at the gym to get this done before work. I was having some stomach issues again (grr), which resulted in a little break between miles 3 and 4, but otherwise I did this one just the way it was written. 🙂

Saturday – 8 miles. FINALLY, a morning when I got to run and sleep past 5 am! Glorious!! It was really beautiful out – sunny and in the 40’s and perfect for running. My legs did seem to feel a little tired, and my ankle/shin issue did bother me for the first 3 and a half miles, but I tried to focus on how good it felt to just be outdoors running on a nice Spring morning. The ankle issue kind of faded as I ran, and my splits got faster as I went on.

I spent the rest of the day being insanely productive – it felt crazy how much free time I had on my hands with such a short run! I did laundry, cleaned my room, picked up a few things at the grocery store, AND made sweet potato brownies (which are delicious – This was the recipe I used in case anyone wants to check it out). BOOM. It’s days like these that make me excited to refocus on shorter distances again once Delaware is over.

I also got to play around with my new wobble board which arrived late Friday!

Training with Wobble BoardsI’m still figuring out all the exercises, but so far so good!

Sunday – Ah, Sunday. What to say about Sunday. You know how in movies, people will always say “Well, it can’t get any worse!” and then it’ll start pouring rain? Sunday was like that, minus the rain (since that already happened on last week’s long run).

The run seemed like it had promise. The sun was shining and it looked beautiful out. So much so, that I headed out the door in just capris and a light long-sleeve shirt. The wind quickly had me freezing my butt off, but I figured I’d warm up eventually (which I kind of did, but I still spent most of the run wishing I had a windbreaker).

Marathon TrainingLooks pretty nice right? That’s what I kept trying to tell myself. I was all, it’s only 15 miles, this should feel like a cinch after last week’s 20-miler! But it didn’t.

My legs felt tired and creaky from the beginning and it didn’t help that the first 3 miles of my route have some serious uphill stretches that had me gasping for air.

Training Run

The route I was doing was basically an out-and-back – 5 miles to a local park, a couple loops at the park for 5 miles, and then 5 miles home. The run takes me through Somerville though, which has some sidewalks that are in pretty bad shape. Normally, I’m really careful to watch the ground, make sure that I’m lifting my feet up high enough, etc… I don’t know what happened today. I don’t know if it was my exhaustion around mile 13.5 or if I was too distracted thinking about the chocolate milk I was going to have when I finished, but suddenly my toe hit a lip on the sidewalk and I was FLYING and then very quickly crashing down hard on my hands and forearms. CRAP.

ouch.(Got lazy painting my nails the night before, and only did my accent nail, hence the one white nail.)

I freaked out for about 30 seconds before assessing my injuries. I was pretty lucky – my right hand took the worst of it, I got a little road-rash on my forearm and left hand, but that was it. My favorite BAA long-sleeve also got all torn up on the right sleeve where I hit the ground. I’m still going to keep wearing it though, and I feel like it’s appropriate that it should reflect some marathon training scars.

So I dusted myself off and ran the rest of the way home. No one was around, and as far as I know, no one saw me eat it, which I guess is a good thing? Part of me wishes someone had been there to just make sure I was ok. Oh, the other awesome part was that in my fall, I must have hit my GPS watch and deleted my run, because it was GONE when I tried to start my watch again. I don’t even know how that’s possible! Ugh. So 15 miles at a mystery pace (though I know it was definitely one of my slower runs considering the splits I was seeing before my run got deleted).

And that sums up this week.

How’s everyone else’s training going? Has anyone else ever had a big fall on a run? 

Please send bandaids, ibuprofen, and wine my way. Or just wine, I’m not picky.


4 thoughts on “Miles on Miles

  1. John Nixon

    We feel for you Nora. Your Grandmother fell like that doing 10k a walk/run around Stone Mountain here in Georgia several years ago.


  2. I hope you are OK after your fall! I have definitely stumbled on uneven cement (or just air) when I’m running high mileage or long runs. I once took a massive fall running for a train in high school. It was 8 years ago, and my knees still have huge scars on them!


  3. Oh man, I’ve totally fallen before – once after we had that big blizzard this weekend and I was out running with this superfast local runner. Your wobble board – does that have like a ball on the bottom of it? I use one of those at PT and need to buy one. It’s great! Thanks for sharing that recipe – RIGHT up my alley with my Paleo ish ways! I just pinned it. Great job this week!


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