The Boston Marathon is Almost Here!!!

Yes, the Boston Marathon is on Monday and I am so excited, you’d think I was actually running it! 🙂

Run BostonI love that I’m lucky enough to live and work in the city that hosts the most iconic marathon in the whole world. Last year, I got to work and help with the planning of the expo for the Boston Marathon, as part of an internship I was doing. It was so cool experiencing things from the inside, and this year, I’m looking forward to attending the expo just for fun!

Boston Marathon ExpoI’ve seen a decent number of expos by this point, but the John Hancock Sports & Fitness Expo puts them all to shame. The atmosphere just crackles with love for running at this event.

I would say it was being at the expo last year that really planted the seed of someday running Boston in my mind. Before, it just seemed like an abstract concept – a race that was for people wayyy faster than I could ever hope to be. But I love that the sport of running has this race that the everyday runner can aspire to. It’s pretty unique. For most other sports, there really isn’t much to strive for if you aren’t at a professional level. Less than a millionth of a percent of people get to go to the Olympics (Seriously. I looked it up.) As impossible as the Boston qualifying standards seem sometimes, the odds are obviously way better than the a millionth of a percent. So what I’m getting at with this rambling post is that, we as runners are lucky. There are a lot of amazing things about the sport – and Boston is one of them. It’s not just a marathon. It’s a goal that thousands of people are striving for at any given time. The journey of achieving that BQ is an odyssey for every runner who sets their sights on Boston. Personally, I know I am only at the beginning of this odyssey. It could take me a long, long time and cost me toenails, blisters, and many aching muscles to ever achieve this goal (and that’s assuming I’m one of the lucky ones who actually does manage to BQ).

But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Boston Marathon Expo | 2 Generations RunningBest of luck to all the runners who will be taking on Boston next Monday! Congrats on all the hard work, blood, sweat and tears you poured into your training. 


3 thoughts on “The Boston Marathon is Almost Here!!!

  1. I am fortunate that we are allowed to stream whatever we want at work, so I will be able to watch the whole race this year! (Instead of just sneakily following it on Twitter and catching the end during lunch.) I’m in the same boat too, where I feel like qualifying is incredibly far away for me, but since I’m stuck with my qualifying time for like 10 more years, I figure I will just take things slowly and see what happens!


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