A Typical Saturday Night While Marathon Training…



As always, I’m psyched for the weekend. I will fully admit though, my weekends have been a little… uneventful these past 16 weeks of marathon training. Let’s just say I’ve reached a new level of familiarity with my couch recently.

Runners will always tell you – the marathon is a commitment. Even when you’re not running, you’re resting or getting ready for another run, and that’s been especially true lately as I’ve hit my peak mileage weeks. Running 20 miles takes a lot out of a person – so if I’m not running, I’m either resting in preparation or cozied up on the couch in my compression socks. So without further ado, here is an inside look at a typical Friday/Saturday night during marathon training.

A Typical Saturday During Marathon Training | 2 Generations running

1. Friday evening, you browse for a movie that is just boring enough that you won’t mind if you fall asleep before it’s over.

stay awake2. While your other 20-something pals are out partying it up in the city, you are putting in some quality time with your foam roller. And you’re kind of ok with that, since the idea of staying up past 10:30 is horrifying.

3. After that, you move to the couch where you ice whatever muscle/tendon/joint is currently aching.

4. You think about your running route for the next day’s long run – to mix things up or stick with the same old routes, that is the question.

ChangeWho am I kidding, you’re not going to risk the possibility of getting lost and tacking on extra miles by trying a new route on a 20-miler.

5. You want to eat all the things. Happy Marathon Hunger.

Marathon hungerBring on the donuts, ice cream, and carbs.

6. It’s 9:30 PM? Bed time. You crawl into bed. 20 minutes later and you’re sound asleep. Nothing like marathon training to put an end to insomnia.

Rest, run, eat, repeat. And yet something about this whole process keeps us runners coming back for more. 🙂

Happy Weekend! Who actually has something fun planned? My mom and I will be running 22 miles – Wish us luck!! 🙂 

4 thoughts on “A Typical Saturday Night While Marathon Training…

  1. Marie (2Gensrunning)

    I have a pasta dinner planned and a DVD for Saturday night (The Bridge, one of our favorites!) so we can do a bit of carbo loading, then watch our show and still get to bed in time to rest up for our 22 miles! Not too exciting but at least the weather will be nicer than for our last two long runs!!


  2. charissarunning

    Good luck! Is this your peak week? I hardly ever go out on a Friday night anymore because even when I’m not in marathon training, I still do 7am runs on Saturday 🙂 Make sure to celebrate with lots of doughnuts when your run is done 😉


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