Staying Hydrated on Summer Runs: SPIBELT Review

Disclaimer: I was recently sent a SPIBELT H2O Venture Series Hydration Belt for review as part of being a BibRave Pro.  Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador) and check out to review find and write race reviews!

Hi friends!

Hope you all enjoyed the gorgeous weather out there this weekend! After kind of a cold week, we finally got some 70 degree days on Friday and Saturday, which was amazing.

But it’s also a reminder that those days of running in nice, cool temps might be coming to an end very soon. Not that I really mind, I would pick running in the summer over winter running every time. BUT, as my recent trip to the ER following the Delaware Marathon reminded me, hydrating on hot runs is SO important.

I’ll be totally honest – I don’t normally like carrying water. If I’m going on a long run with my mom, usually she is the one who insists on carrying water, while I argue that “It’ll be fine/it’s not that hot out/it’s only X miles…” And then when I’m dying later on, she shares with me because she’s nice like that. 🙂

SPIBlelt H2O Venture Series Hydration Belt | 2 Generations RunningThis summer, I think things are going to be a little different thanks to the SPIBelt H2O Venture Series Belt. I received this belt to try out as part of my Bibrave ambassadorship. I have to admit – I was a little nervous to test it out. I’ve had so many issues in the past with fuel belts bouncing, spilling, and just being generally annoying.

The first thing I noticed when I went to fill the 2 water bottles the belt comes with was that they aren’t the normal water bottle with the caps that you have to pull up to open and press down to shut. Instead, there’s a small valve that the water comes through with suction. Skeptical, I tried shaking the bottle, holding it upside down before taking it out on the run – no leaks!!

SPIBelt H2O Hydration Venture Series Review | BibraveThe belt is also a little wider than other fuel belts I’ve seen in the past, but the wide elastic ended up working PERFECTLY – the belt didn’t slide around at all while I was running. Honestly, I kind of forgot I was wearing it. The bottles also worked well. They were easy to grab while running and continued to impress me with zero leaks. The only time I had an issue was when I went to grab my phone at the end of the run to stop my running app and one of the bottles fell off with all my maneuvering of the belt. Overall though, they seemed pretty secure.

SPIBelt Review | 2 Generations RunningThe fuel belt itself is also a great size. Big enough to hold my iPhone 6 (a pretty big phone with the case) with plenty of room left over for keys. It also has 2 elastic loops that you can use to hold your gels for easy access.

All in all, I’m pretty excited about this belt. I fully plan to keep up with weekly long runs this summer, and I know this belt is going to be my savior on hot, muggy days. If you are in need of a new hydration belt this summer, I’d definitely recommend the SPIBelt H2O Venture Series, AND luckily, as part of this review – I have a discount code to share with you all! Use code ‘nora10‘ at checkout for 10% off  AND free shipping from!! Happy Running!

One thought on “Staying Hydrated on Summer Runs: SPIBELT Review

  1. dgobs

    Thanks for the review! I’m on what feels like a never-ending quest to find a hydration option that works for me… the bottle with a carrier strap thingie that I thought would be perfect ended up leaking everywhere (and all over my phone!). It’s good to hear these bottles didn’t leak, and that the belt was comfortable!


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