Sunday Runday (Just One Run 5k Recap)

It hit me the other day that I’m running the Runner’s World Classic Hat Trick in July… which is literally only a month away at this point! Eek!!!

Runners World ClassicGiven that I will be running a half marathon in just about a month and the next few weeks are going to involve some crazy traveling, I wanted to get in a long run this Sunday to cap off a week of pretty good runs.

I had signed up for a random little 5k a couple of weeks ago (found it through an email from Marathon Sports – the Just One Run 5k in Memory of Sean Curtis) when I saw it was being held walking distance from my apartment, in an area where I typically run anyway. I figured it would be just the thing to force myself into a fast finish for a 10-miler, so I headed out early to knock out 7 ahead of time.

I kept the first 7 really slow and easy, because annoyingly, my hamstring is STILL BOTHERING ME. Grr. I figured if anything, a long, slow warm-up would probably be good for it. Either that, or it would tire me out so I wouldn’t be so tempted to go crazy on the 5k (no such luck there.) I couldn’t believe how hot it felt at 8:30 am!! It was already sunny and in the low 70s and I was kind of dying in the capris I had opted to wear. I finished the 7 with about a half hour to go til the race start and went over to pick up my bib, drink some water, and stretch.

Just One Run 5k RecapWhile it was a little hot, they really did have a gorgeous day for this event (especially compared to the 5k my mom and I ran last weekend!)

Just one Run 5kIt took them a little while to get everyone started, but eventually we were all shepherded into the starting area. I knew it was going to be very congested at the front since it’s a route I run pretty frequently, so I made sure to get myself towards the front of the pack. I was thinking I could probably place in my age group, even with dialing it back a notch because of my hamstring. I was SO ANNOYED though when herds of little kids started pushing their way to the front of the group. I know, I know – I should chill out, it was a family event and not that big of a deal, but still. Weaving around them after they all slowed down by the first 100 yards got annoying. Mile 1- 7:20.

In the first mile, I knew there were 3 women ahead of me – two of them were really cruising, and I knew I wasn’t going to catch them. I was excited (although a little nervous), when I passed the third woman just before the first mile marker. As long as no other women passed me, I could get 3rd overall woman!! While I was waiting around for the start, I had noticed that they had some pretty nice trophies for awards, so part of me really wanted to get one. Mile 2 – 7:37.

In the third mile, I passed one guy who I had been tailing for the first 2 miles. He stayed with me all the way to the end, but didn’t pass me. I also kept looking behind me in this last mile, trying to see if there were any women sneaking up behind me. There weren’t. In fact, there was a gap of about 15 seconds to the next closest runner behind me, and another gap to the runner behind him. It definitely gave me that vibe that I was running alone and there was no real way I could screw up my place as 3rd overall female. I probably got a little complacent because the last mile was my slowest. Mile 3 – 7:47. Then again, if I look at it in relation to my whole 10 miles, it was one of my fastest miles! 😉 Official Time: 23:45, good for 2nd in my age group and 3rd overall female.

Significantly off from the PR I ran last weekend, but as I kept reminding myself, it was to be expected. I had run 7 miles and it was WAY hotter/sunnier than the week before where rain had kept me cool throughout. This was also a fun surprise-

Strava LeaderboardI am the proud queen of this 5k course on Strava!! Woo! My first time topping a leaderboard and I could get used to the feeling. 🙂

I ended up hanging out, waiting around for an hour because they wanted everyone to finish before doing the awards. I wouldn’t have minded – except, I didn’t get an award. They only had them for first place in each age group and the overall winners. 😦 I was so bummed. I understand it was a pretty low-budget event, but still it was frustrating that I specifically waited around for the awards ceremony for nothing. Also, the age groups were super weird in this race. The woman who got first in our age group was 38 – how do we belong in the same age group???

Oh well. I just need to keep reminding myself the trophies really don’t matter. Overall it was a great 10-mile run for me (the longest I have gone since Delaware)  and an excellent step in the right direction for half marathon training.

How was your weekend? Did you race? 

One thought on “Sunday Runday (Just One Run 5k Recap)

  1. dgobs

    That’s a bummer that you didn’t get an award, but congrats on a fab race regardless! One race I did earlier this year was technically a Master’s race, so the younger age groups were huge… I think they were 0-19 and then 20-39, and then every 5 years over 40. Maybe since it was a smaller, low-budget race they did huge age groups? Still a bummer though 😦


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