The Mountains, Long Runs, and Training Lately

Happy Monday!

I’m finally back in Mass and will finally be in one place for longer than 2 weeks, yay!! Last week, I had another work trip, this time to Wintergreen, VA.


Wintergreen VASuch a BEAUTIFUL place. I always thought of myself as more of an ocean fan, but the mountains might be moving up in my book. 🙂

I managed a quick 3-miler in one morning before work, but it had a decent amount of walking because of this elevation –

Elevation ProfileWoof, that is a lot of climbing when your typical route is around 60 feet of elevation gain! I was dying, but the views made it totally worth it.

Wintergreen, VAI got back home early Friday afternoon and was able to squeeze in a pretty decent cross-training session in the glorious air-conditioning of the gym. Boston has been in a bit of a heat wave – 90 degrees and humid, bleck. You know it’s bad when you’re going to the gym just to get out of the heat. 🙂

Saturday, I got in a sweaty 6 miles in the morning, but temps were already in the mid-70s by the time I got out the door.

2 Generations RunningTrying to smile while dying from too much sun/humidity. I had the bike path pretty much all to myself, apart from the end of my run when I discovered a 5k was being held on my route and I found myself in the back of their pack. Probably a good thing I didn’t know they were going to be there or else I would have wanted to race it, but my plan called for easy miles.

I only have 5 weeks till my mom and I run our next half – the Hobble Creek Half Marathon, which I would love to try to race (and possibly PR) if possible. I know a lot of factors will impact this – including elevation, weather, and how tired/beat up I’m feeling from working a race the week before, so my plan is to stay flexible with my goal. I don’t need a repeat of Delaware. I am planning on doing the speed work and long runs to give me the best shot at a new PR though, should everything play out in my favor.

Given that, Sunday featured a long run of 10 sweaty, but beautiful miles along the Charles.


2 Generations RunningSweaty but feelin’ the positive vibes (and negative splits – I was able to pick up the pace a bit on the last 4 miles!)

There’s nothing like running in Boston –

Boston RunningThese views and so many runners out and about! There’s something about struggling through the heat with a bunch of strangers doing the same thing that just makes it better. 🙂

The rest of the weekend was spent desperately trying to stay cool and lounging around in my new favorite post-run tank top courtesy of Sarah Marie Design Studio.

Sarah Marie Design Studio Tank TopLOVE THIS SHIRT! ❤

Hope you had a great weekend too!

Is it miserably hot where you are right now too? What were you up to this weekend? 

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