Baystate Marathon Training Weekly Recap

Happy Monday everyone!

This past week has been filled with lots of running and Baystate preparation! Obviously, I’ve been doing plenty of running this summer, but my decision to sign up to do the full marathon at Baystate with my mom in October was a recent one. The week before last, I was in Utah and while I ran the Hobble Creek Half, it was not exactly a consistent week of running by any means.

That means that it was really only this past week that my official training begun. I’m pretty stoked with how it went – 41.5 miles for the week! For a lot of runners, this wouldn’t seem like very high mileage but my schedule has been so strange this summer with travel that it’s been very hard for me to find the time to get 25 miles done in a week, so I’m pretty proud of this. Here’s how it broke down:

Monday – 3 easy miles. I was still recovering from Saturday’s half marathon, so I made sure to keep this VERY easy – 9:48/mile average pace. I think it helped shake out my legs too because I felt pretty solid the next day.

Tuesday – 7 miles, 4 at goal marathon pace. The goal pace I am aiming for this time around is an 8:45, which works out to just over a 3:49 marathon. I’m hoping this is not too ambitious given the shorter window I have to train. I did a pretty good job with these splits, running 8:42, 8:42, 8:52, and an 8:47. I felt like I had to keep double-checking my pace on my watch though. I’m going to have to practice hitting this pace a lot because right now, my body doesn’t really know what it’s supposed to feel like.

As a sidenote, I recently heard about a study that looked at the fastest finishers of the Boston Marathon by age group. The study analyzed the training paces of the finishers and found that those who were fastest in their age groups had the widest disparity in their training paces, meaning their easy runs were VERY easy, but then on their hard days, they really brought the speed. This just reconfirmed to me that this is something I need to continue to work on. I need to give myself permission to run at a pace that seems almost insanely slow on my easy/recovery days, while continuing to push on those days when I want to hit that marathon pace or do speed work.

Wednesday – Rest day. 🙂

Thursday – Mystryde Endurance class (If you’re curious about these classes, you can check out the descriptions of them here). I covered 6.5 miles of grueling hills and intervals. Most of the intervals I was doing were around 7:24-7:30/mile, but I even had a few sprints thrown in there in the 6:40 range! It feels kind of scary to run that fast on a treadmill, but I didn’t fly off so no harm done. 😉

Mystryde Boston | 2 Generations RunningFriday – 4 miles super easy on the treadmill at the gym. Friday’s weather felt like Florida had decided to send a little taste of their climate – so hot and humid and disgusting. It was still hot out when I got home from work in the evening, so easy miles on the treadmill it was. In keeping with my new plan, I kept these miles SUPER slow – all over 10 min/mile. It was kind of fun! I watched repeats of The Real Housewives of the OC while I ran (this is Guilty Pleasure #2 to The Bachelor/Bachelorette).

Saturday – Originally, I was thinking I’d only do 3 miles. But then, I realized that if I went only a couple miles further, I could break 40 miles for the week, which was too exciting to pass up. I got out pretty early in the morning and managed a pretty comfortable 6-miler, at 9:28 min/mile average. I paused for a squinty selfie along the way. 🙂

Trekz Titanium HeadphonesSunday: Long run day! I did 15 miles total, 12 on challenging (and crazy hilly) trails with a work friend, and then I finished up with 3 miles on the treadmill. I decided to simulate the whole running fast on tired legs idea, and pushed the 3 treadmill miles starting at around 8:40/mile and finishing at 8:05/mile. It’s crazy, but those 3 treadmill miles felt SO MUCH easier than the 12 miles I did on the trails, where my average pace was 12:38/mile. LOL. Trails will always slow you down, and all the elevation gain just made it that much worse. Still, it was fun to get a change of scenery and tick off the miles with a friend. We got some pretty nice views too. 🙂

Photo Aug 28, 1 07 23 PMI’ll be traveling on Tuesday of this week again, though it will be a quick trip so I’m hoping it doesn’t screw things up too much as I head into my second week.

Hope you all have a great week!

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