Baystate Marathon Training: Week 4

Another week done and closer to Baystate!

I was feeling pretty excited about it, until Sunday’s 20-miler which kind of whipped my butt. I listen to the Runners World podcast, and they had comedian Liz Miele on this past week, talking about running. She has done a number of marathons, and in one part of her routine, she said anyone can run a marathon, “…you just have to find that right balance of hating yourself, and you will… it’s just an abusive amount of cardio and some unresolved family issues.” 🙂 I don’t know about the family issues, but I was definitely feeling the self-hate at Mile 16 of 20.

But anyway, I’ll get to that. This week’s total mileage was 43, with 2 rest days.

Monday – Rest day following Sunday’s long run. I also ran 20 miles last week and I was pretty pleased with how decent I felt the next day.

Tuesday – Mystryde treadmill class. I covered just over 5 miles in 45 minutes, with lots of speedy intervals at sub-marathon pace and a decent amount of hill work. Doing hills in these classes is always my least favorite part. I will take an all-out sprint on a flat elevation over the awful slog of even maintaining a 10-minute mile on a 12% incline ANY DAY!

Wednesday – Mystryde was hosting their first ever “Stryde Squad”, which was an easy 4-mile loop around the North End of Boston. They invited all the students to come and run some easy miles with the instructors leading different pace groups. I had easy miles on the agenda, so this was perfect! I went a little early, dropped off my stuff in the studio and did 1 mile by myself before joining them.

Mystryde Boston ReviewThey had an awesome turn-out of 25 runners, and it was a really pretty loop in a part of Boston I’d never actually run before! This run should have been awesome. Friendly faces + easy miles = happy running. But I was having serious stomach issues. I kept expecting them to go away, but they didn’t, so the whole run, I was really just praying to be done. It had to have been something I ate during the day, but I have no idea what. That’s the issue I sometimes run into with afternoon runs. In the morning, all I’ll eat is some toast and coffee and I’m good to go, but if I run in the afternoon, I’ve eaten over the course of the day and sometimes, I don’t pay as much attention to the run I’ll be doing later on as I should.

Thursday – Evening speed workout with Heartbreak Hill Running Club. These guys were written up in the most recent issue of Runners World, and I’m proud to be a new member of the group! I jogged over to the South End after work and met up with them for the workout. This one was on the shorter side, but still fun. We jogged a mile over to the Fens, did some drills, and then did 3 x 300 gradually accelerating from 10k pace, followed by 3 x 150. While we were doing our cool-down drills, there were some little kids playing near us. That wouldn’t be too alarming, apart from the fact that this kid had to be 4-5 years old, and started trying to hit us with a stick as we ran past! Not really a good idea for a little kid to jump in the middle of a pack of runners. First, everyone tried to play with the kid, but he wasn’t really having it and literally just wanted to hit people with it. Eventually, someone got pissed and grabbed the stick away from him, but there were NO parents in sight. Weird, right? Anyway, between the warm-ups and cool-down, my total mileage for the day was 6.5.

Friday – I had an 8-miler scheduled, but I ended up really needing this rest day. 3 days in a row getting home late after doing workouts in Boston, really wiped me out. There was no way I was waking up early to get these miles done in the morning, and when a friend texted me about meeting to catch up in the evening, I couldn’t say no. I love running in Boston, but I think I do need to be more selective about the evening workouts I do, because I was feeling kind of burnt out.

Saturday – What a beautiful day for a run! Temps were feeling a little bit cooler, like fall is just around the corner. I did an easy 6 miles after sleeping in, and it just felt like the most relaxing thing ever. I came home, drank more coffee and foam-rolled (I’m usually pretty awful about making the time for that).

Sunday – My last 20-miler, THANK GOD!!! So last week’s 20 miles was very split up, which I think helped it be easier. I ran 6 miles by myself early in the morning, then got on the subway to go a few stops to meet my friends. I probably had a 20 minute break there, if not slightly more. Then, I ran the 4 miles to the start of the race with them. Those miles went by pretty fast with all the conversation. Then, we probably had another 30 minutes or so before the start of the race, which was the last 10 miles of my run. I think it was good having the race push me to run those last 10 harder, but with all the breaks, I was probably feeling better than in a standard, non-stop 20-miler like today’s.

This one, I did all on my own, with no significant breaks and it felt hard. I also felt like I covered all of the greater Boston area.

img_1623Medford -> Somerville -> Cambridge -> Allston -> Boston. So that’s what 20 miles looks like! I wanted to do some of the miles along the Charles because the miles always seem to pass by faster there, and with 20 miles on the agenda, it just made more sense to run there rather than taking the subway in!

I felt pretty good on this run probably right up until around Mile 15, at which point I wanted to be done. It was like all of a sudden, I remembered how freaking painful marathons are and how badly everything hurts at the end. Suddenly, I was feeling less excited for October 16th, and actually scared. At this point, I took a little walk break and ate the piece of long run cake I had brought with me (the one I made doesn’t have the frosting) and just tried to reset, mentally and physically.

Long Run CakeAfter that, I was on my way again. My pace wasn’t really where I wanted it to be, but maybe that was the humidity? I’m not sure, but part of me is wondering whether I should reassess my goal pace for race day or just go for it. If it ends up being an unseasonably warm day, I will 100% need to dial back because there is no way I’m having a repeat of Delaware.

I timed my run just right, so that I hit 20 miles outside Boston Public Market. I was slightly embarrassed about the sweaty, disgusting state I was in, but that didn’t stop me from heading in and getting a smoothie and a breakfast sandwich. 🙂 I was literally STARVING by this point.

So there it is! Another week down. This coming week is a travel week for me, so the mileage will be going WAY down, which I don’t think is necessarily a bad thing, though it is always harder to get back in the swing of things afterwards.

How was your weekend? Have you ever heard of comedian Liz Miele? From the clips I heard, I think she is worth checking out if you’re a fan of stand-up!


One thought on “Baystate Marathon Training: Week 4

  1. Kim K.

    solid week of running! it’s great that you are running different routes; i get tired of my same boston routes day after day and try to vary them up if i can! i had my long run of 16 miles on saturday and cant remember the last time i was out as far as i was on memorial drive. not sure how you got through a 20 miler yesterday in that hot/humid weather! way to go!


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