1 Week To Go!!

Happy Monday!

So here we are, 6 days away from Baystate andddd… I have a cold. 😦 I started feeling a little stuffy at the end of last week and much to my dismay, it has spiraled into a full-blown cold – sore throat, stuffy nose, the whole works.

My last long run on Sunday was supposed to be an easy peasy 12 miles, but after a horrible night’s sleep and waking up to pouring rain, I finally admitted it probably wasn’t going to happen. I opted for an hour walk on the treadmill at the gym instead and spent the rest of the day parked on the couch drinking tea. Not exactly a confidence booster for next weekend.

So needless to say, I’m a little bit nervous. Marathons are sooooo hard and I really really don’t want to run 26.2 miles not being able to breathe through my nose. Ugh.

Can't BreatheI hear ya, Keira Knightley.

On the bright side, it’s looking like the weather should be pretty good on Sunday – partly cloudy with a high of 63. I would prefer a few degrees cooler, but I should be done well before temps get into the 60s at least.

Other final marathon preparations have included putting together a killer playlist and getting my nails done (on the agenda for this week!). Though I don’t think I will be able to top Delaware’s manicure –

Delaware Marathon Nails | 2 Generations RunningThis week, I’ll be taking it super easy (a few short runs, no Mystryde classes) and trying to fight off this cold. Wish me luck!

Do you have any special routines for big races?

2 thoughts on “1 Week To Go!!

  1. Bummer. Sorry you are down with a cold. Get the rest you need and come back all the stronger. You’ve put in the work so I’m sure you’ll do great at the race! I don’t really have any special routines before a big race, but I am a detail-oriented guy so I take comfort in the pre-race prep – laying out clothes, stocking up on chews and packing my bag, reviewing the course and race instructions and of course carb-loading the night before. Hope you have a fun race! Looking forward to reading about it.


  2. Don’t panic! I was SO sick last week. Like, had to take two days off work sick. I decided to put myself on bedrest- that is, nothing except for the absolute (and regrettable) necessity of having to go to work. No workouts, no socialising, no excess blog work, no stress, no life admin. It worked! I was over it within 48 hours, and felt absolutely fine come race day. As someone who gets bugs quite a lot, my biggest takeaway would be to not stress about it (easier said than done). I feel like stress, along with elevated levels of cortisone and even a slightly elevated heartrate won’t help your body recover! Remember, your body knows what it’s doing when it comes to illness, you just need to let it!

    Sorry, rambly comment :p


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