The Past Week of Running

Hello there!

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. Did you get walloped with snow? We got about 6 inches of snow where I am, but it kind of made for a cozy Saturday afternoon! I got my run in early in the morning, went to the gym for a little strength work, and then grabbed a few things at the store (which was mobbed – nothing like a few inches of snow to send everyone in a mad dash to the grocery store.). It was just starting to come down steadily as I got home.

I’ve noticed it’s been a while since I shared what my workouts have been on the blog lately, so I just wanted to pop in and update you all on what my training has looked like lately. Again, my target race is currently the Half at the Hamptons on March 5th. Since Baystate, my coach has been having me slowly build up my base again while adding 1 workout a week that is more speed-focused. I’ve been itching to dive back into tempo runs and double-digit long runs, but Mary has been reining me in a bit which is probably a good thing.

Monday – 4 miles easy.

Tuesday – 45 minutes easy which came out to about 4.8 miles. I ran this on the treadmill at the gym.

Wednesday – 45 minutes easy again, which came to 4.6 miles this time around. Again, on the treadmill.

Thursday – 2 mile warm-up, 4 x 3 minutes @ 7:12 pace with 2 minutes running recovery in between each interval (I typically ran these at around 9:22/mile). 2 mile cooldown. This all came out to 6.4 miles. Again, I did this workout on the treadmill as there was snow in the forecast for the morning.

2 Generations RunningWinter, I’m over you now that Christmas is done. Can we please fast forward to May?? While I thought this sounded pretty straightforward and doable on paper, it was actually pretty challenging. I know I’ve held paces faster than 7:12 for a mile or longer in races, but 3 minutes felt SOOO long on a treadmill during a workout. It was a challenge, but I got it done. And isn’t that the point of workouts?

Friday – 5 miles easy, and you guessed it – this was a treadmill run. I guess it’s a good thing I don’t hate the treadmill the way I used to!

Treadmills | 2 Generations RunningThis hasn’t happened to me. Yet.

Saturday – 4 miles easy. I didn’t plan my route exactly right, so it was actually 4.4 miles. Oops. We ended up getting a decent amount of snow starting around 11 am, so I was glad I knocked this out early in the morning outside before the snow began. Yay for a non-treadmill run! I also went to the gym and did a quick strength/core routine.

Sunday – Rest day! I don’t typically like taking rest days on the weekend since I usually feel like a chance to sleep in (because no work) AND go for a run is the best of both worlds. But I was pretty pooped after this week, and with all the snow that fell the night before, it ended up feeling really good to not have to worry about getting a run in. I did do a quick 10-minute abs video, but I capped it at that since I was pretty sore from my workout the day before.

Overall, a great week! I’m excited to see how the mileage and workouts begin to shift as we get closer to March.

Do you have any goal races for 2017? Anyone else get snow this weekend?

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