Life Goes On

Today’s post is another guest post from my mom regarding her injury/life lately. Enjoy 🙂

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while, but whenever I felt ready I would have a bad day, and I worried that this post would turn into a whiny, negative rant. But life goes on and now I feel I really just need to make the attempt.

The hamstring injury that slowed me down all summer finally stopped me cold in September. After weeks spent in pain going to PT and even acupuncture without any progress, I finally started going to a sports chiropractor in Boston. (Nora found him for me and I am pretty darn grateful!) After one visit he told me I should start walking and even to hit the gym for some easy elliptical workouts. [For folks in the Boston area who might be interested, the clinic is Wellness in Motion.]

After three months of not being able to do anything that wouldn’t aggravate the pain in my lower back/ buttocks, I laced up and hit the road. I was sad not to be running but it felt good to be outside and moving again. I still have to be careful.  Too much walking will aggravate my injury but at least now I know that the treatment I am getting is appropriate and that things are going to improve.

Last Saturday, I walked 3 miles of my old 5 mile running route. There had been some changes: life goes on even while you sit at home for three months. Two small houses had been completely torn down and the new super-sized ones were well under construction.  I had fantasized about owning one of these small cottages. It was right on the lake and I thought our lab, Brady, would enjoy leaping into the water from his front yard. And I would love the view.

Two houses away from the little cottage I had coveted in another tiny house, there lived an older, somewhat standoffish gentleman. As I ran past, I would see him sitting on his porch in all kinds of weather, smoking a cigarette. I began to say hello. At first he would not even reply to my greetings and Nora discouraged me from continuing on the grounds that my behavior might seem intrusive. But I said I would keep saying hello and I was confident that one day he would answer. Naturally, he did respond and in time our conversations lengthened from “good morning “, to introducing ourselves, to full on chatting, usually about the weather or sports. His name was Brian.

Passing his house on that Saturday he was not on the porch. This wasn’t unusual: it was a cold January day so he would minimize his time sitting out there. Still I did notice that the Oxygen in Use sign was not in the window. I wondered about it, but nothing else seemed amiss.  I walked on, probably wondering how much longer it would be before I could actually run …

Later on that day I learned that my “running route friend” had passed away in October, just weeks after my last run. He was only 56.

I don’t remember if I saw him on that last run, on September 12 . I did the five mile loop four times and imagine that in the course of those 3+ hours, I must have… But here’s what I know. If he was there on his porch, I definitely stopped to say hello. We exchanged pleasantries, probably about the weather. (I remember it was hot!) And now I will miss seeing him there on his porch, smiling with his coffee and cigarette. And if his little house is torn down and replaced with a huge  modern monstrosity, I will still think of him as I run past.

I feel a bit like the thread of this post has gotten away from me. I had intended to post about my recovery but I seem to have missed the target, so to speak. Still, I’m going to stop here. My “recovery post” will be for another time. Life goes on and I need to go for a walk.

No questions today – hope everyone’s week is going well!

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