Run Fast Eat Slow Post #8: Spelt Banana Bread

Hello there!

It has been WAY too long since I’ve done a Run Fast Eat Slow recipe post. My mom and I have still been cooking our way through it, we’re just not always on top of getting the blog posts written (e.g., we eat the food before taking any photos…)

(Weekend activities – reading the new Runners World, cooking from Run Fast Eat Slow, some light weight exercises)

This past weekend, I finally got my act together and was ready to do some cooking. I had a couple of bananas that were way overripe so it was pretty much the perfect excuse to try the Spelt Banana Bread (pg. 183).

The recipe only uses a quarter cup of sugar and no vegetable oil, which makes it a little different from typical banana bread recipes (though it does have a whole stick of butter). It also calls for spelt flour. I had all-purpose baking flour on hand, so I decided that would be good enough, though I would be curious to try it with the spelt to see how that changes the taste/texture.

Run Fast Eat Slow Banana Bread

The recipe was pretty quick and easy. I had some dates and walnuts on hand so I mixed those in as well.

Run Fast Eat Slow Banana BreadI sampled a piece right away – SO. GOOD. I’ve been having to pace myself because I could probably eat the whole loaf in 2 days. It’s banana bread, so that’s like the ultimate carbo-loading food right? Perfect for my half marathon tomorrow!

Another Run Fast Eat Slow success! I’d definitely recommend giving this one a try for when you’re craving some yummy banana bread goodness.

Have a wonderful weekend! Have you cooked up anything good lately?

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