Hello Again


So much time has passed since I last updated the blog – just about a year. Between life, work, travel, school, and running – this blog got put on the backburner. And while I am still running and training as much as ever, most of my updates are currently on Instagram. But, my mom has a lot of updates she has been wanting to share for quite some time. Below is an update from the other half of 2 Generations Running! Stay tuned for many more.


Hello out there. I know I haven’t written here in a long time. But I think I am finally coming down the final stretch of what I think will be the longest marathon I will ever run: 35 months of chronic pain, which will hopefully end now that I have my spinal cord stimulator implanted. That’s roughly 12 seasons, 35 full moons, and 7 dental check ups, and no matter how I measure it, it’s just too long.

It’s impossible to say how these last three years have affected me. It doesn’t scratch the surface to say it was a roller coaster of hope and despair….when there was hope it was short lived and rather than writing about how badly things were going, I thought it was better to stay quiet, to wait for a day when things might really seem to be moving in a good direction.

And now so much time has passed it seems weird to come back to this blog. Especially as I don’t know if I will ever be much of a runner again.

But Boston Scientific, the maker of my SCS, has a wonderful program of patient volunteers who share their experiences with prospective patients. My two Patient Ambassadors were extremely helpful and encouraging, and their stories fill me with hope and the real belief that this could work for me.

So, I’m hoping Nora won’t have to change the name of the blog just yet!

So I will start to post again, and try to chronicle a recovery I never thought would be so long in the making. And maybe, some time down the road, Nora and I will get back to checking off those states, and we will run that half  marathon in Alaska, which I had planned to celebrate my 60th birthday. And if I’m 61 or 62, or 70 when we get there, I guess it doesn’t matter – as long as I am finally moving forward.

First Half Marathon | 2 Generations Running

(Photo from our very first half marathon ever!)

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