Revised goals

So, after a long silence, I am back. I am not going to write about my health because I don’t want to dwell on things if they are bad, and I don’t want to jinx things if they are good. For now all I want to write  about is my new, modest, but exciting running goals. 

Nora began this blog back when we had made it our goal to run a half marathon ( or better) in every state. We managed to do 12 before my health torpedoed our plans. And life moved on. Nora graduated college, got a full time job, and met a great young man.  And she continued to run, running 4 more marathons and getting that much coveted BQ, this fall in Manchester, NH. 
I went to PT and was coming along slowly…. and along came COVID 19, which pretty much changed everything for everyone. 

So obviously our goal was pretty much done for. 
Until, one day,  walking with my dog,Penny, I started to think about all the canceled races, and how many of them were going virtual. 
I wondered if maybe I might still be able to run a race in every state – though obviously not a half marathon.
I started signing up for races and running them along my old familiar routes. I told myself I would blog about it when I had  “enough swag to take a good picture”.  
To date, I have run races in 12 new states and I have a bin full of nice shirts and cool medals so I suppose it was time.
For the most part I have stuck to 5ks, though my Montana race was 4.06 miles because that is the local area code, and there was the California race that was an 8k in honor of Hanukkah. 
There are a lot of event companies out there that put together virtual races that are strictly virtual, usually connected thematically, like “run every state” but there are some that are even more unusual. Like the series that was just different distances all centered round avocados. The swag for that series was a pair of socks which I have to admit were super cute. 
In keeping with our original goal, I’ve signed up for actual races that have had to cancel, or that simply added a virtual option. There is no method to my madness. I just look for races that fit in my busy schedule 😂 , that donate to good cause , or that simply have nice swag. I love my Wild Hog socks from Grand Forks, North Dakota, and I got a chapstick with potato extract from the Idaho race. (Also 2 buffs, and one mask, a sign of the times.) 

I don’t run fast. With the guidance of my physical therapist I have gotten into a run/walk rhythm that makes running less stressful and way more enjoyable. 

So, with my 3 races in December, I will have 12  “virtual” states under my belt, and 12 “real” ones. I guess I will keep going , both because it’s fun, and because it would be fun to reach our goal of running in all 50 states, even if most of them are virtual. And perhaps when COVID is finally over, I will be able to check off those remaining states by actually racing there in person. 

3 thoughts on “Revised goals

  1. Patty Gozzo

    So happy you are feeling good and back to your blog. I always enjoy reading it! Signing up for virtual races in different states is a great idea!! Looking forward to more posts!


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