Back in Town

Oh happy days, I AM BACK IN TOWN!

2 Generations Running

Just to summarize my recent travels – first, there was Indianapolis, then home for a day, and then I was off to Maine with my mom. Then, back to my apartment for a day and off to Houston, TX. If I include connecting flights, I think that’s 6 states I’ve been in in the past 2 weeks. Yikes!

While I love traveling, I’m SO ready for a break. I’m excited to have some downtime to yes, focus on my blog, and get back into a routine at the gym. And needless to say, airport food (and all the restaurants I ate at while traveling) were not exactly conducive to my goal of focusing more on my nutrition. But, I’ll be home for a while now and I’m ready to start fresh.

I kicked off my return to Boston with a pretty cool race this past weekend.

Fenway Spartan Race | 2 Generations RunningThe FENWAY SPARTAN SPRINT! I worked at the event on Saturday, which was kind of exhausting (especially after my flight got in around 12:30 AM Thursday), but also kind of fun because it got me really amped up to race on Sunday with my mom and my brother.

I’m going to save the recap until our free race photos are posted, but given that we are all standing upright and smiling in the above photo, I’d say it was a success! 🙂

This week, I’m looking forward to getting back into a routine at the gym (once I get over how sore I am), and soaking up these wonderful last few days of warm Fall temperatures! November has been weirdly pleasant so far… I hope that doesn’t mean we’re due for a snowstorm.

How was your weekend? 

Halloweekend 2015

Hope you had a happy Halloween!

Halloween for Runners | 2 Generations RunningI had to go home for a dentist appointment this past weekend which I was not thrilled about, but I was excited to see my family again and to join my mom on some more weekend runs! We got in a great 5-miler Saturday morning that was capped off with pumpkin pancakes (are you getting the picture that my mom and I like pumpkin a little?). We took this run pretty easy, averaging 9:28/mile and chatting the whole way. I will say that the hills felt a little more challenging for me than usual! I don’t know if that’s the result of my new, almost completely flat running routes or more the fact that I’ve been struggling to fit in more runs during the week. Probably a combination of both. Either way, it’s something I hope to improve on by fitting in both more runs and more hilly treadmill workouts.

After my dentist appointment in the afternoon, my mom and I headed up to Maine to surprise a family friend for her birthday. It was a very scenic drive with the fall foliage in full-swing, and we ended our drive at the beach just in time to see the sunset.

Maine Sunset | 2 Generations RunningNo matter how many times I see the ocean, I can never get over how beautiful it is. And the sunset isn’t so bad either!

We ended up having a great evening with our friends, laughing, eating some seriously delicious lasagna, and handing out candy to the TWO groups of trick-or-treaters that came by. Yep, it was pretty slow as far as Halloween goes! I was a little disappointed since I love seeing all the adorable kids dressed up.

Sunday morning, we took full advantage of the extra hour of sleep (my mom and I may have stayed up till almost midnight watching American Horror Story… it was worth it though!) We then headed out for a quick run along the beach.

Maine | 2 generations runningThe temps were extremely mild – in the 40’s – but unfortunately, it was much cloudier than the day before, so the views weren’t quite as beautiful as on Saturday. We still enjoyed it though, and got in just over 4 miles before heading back to get cleaned up before making the drive home.

So it was a very quick trip, and not the most Halloween-y of Halloweens, but still a lot of fun!

Did you celebrate Halloween by doing anything fun this year? 

A Very Patriotic Weekend Recap

I hope you all enjoyed the long holiday weekend celebrating America!

4th of JulySome grainy photos of the fireworks I got to see Saturday night. 🙂

I road-tripped early Friday morning to spend the weekend celebrating America’s birthday with this guy.

weekend3We had a blast checking out a number of parks including Green Lakes State Park, which was actually looking very blue this weekend!Green Lakes State Park

Green lakes State ParkGreen Lake State ParksIt was so beautiful and I can’t get over how clear the water was! On Saturday, we checked out the town parade.

4th of JulyHands-down, our favorite part were all the dogs in the parade. SO CUTE! That evening, we went and saw the fireworks, which were beautiful, although a little past my bedtime (they didn’t end up starting until sometime around 9:40, even though it was plenty dark by 9 pm).

Sunday, I spent most of the day driving home and then went for a little 3-miler in the evening just to loosen up my legs after the long car ride. In the evening, I watched the USA women KICK BUTT in the World Cup! As a former soccer player, I always enjoy watching a game, especially an exciting, goal-filled game like this one was!

So a pretty great weekend! Not a lot of runs for me, but I’m looking forward to getting in more solid mid-week training this week. 🙂

Hope you had a great 4th! Did you watch the USA-Japan game?


When Enough isn’t Enough


Other half of the Duo here today! 🙂

Why isn’t a good thing ever enough?

Chatting with a friend before a race recently, I realized something about runners.We’re  almost never satisfied. For example my friend was nervous that she would not PR this race and she felt that this was a sign that, despite all her training, she wasn’t improving.  I pointed out that conditions vary year to year, including your health, frame of mind, and especially the weather.

Even with great training, a bad night’s sleep might make the difference between a PR one year and a slower race the next.  I tried to stress that as 50+ runner, it was nice that we were running at all:  a few seconds more shouldn’t make us feel bad.

But it does. Because we compare ourselves to other runners, and when our own performances don’t seem to measure up, we diminish our accomplishments, and, we are less happy.

As for me, I ran the race and though I had no idea whether it was a PR, I was pretty pleased with my time. Until that evening, when I looked at the age group results and learned that I hadn’t placed in the top 20-30% of women my age, which is where I typically end up.  And suddenly, I felt decidedly less pleased with my own performance. And that made me sad. After smugly preaching to my friend I realized I was just as prone to comparisons and dissatisfaction as anyone else.  But then I realized I was still pretty happy, or at least – that I was happy enough.

I still find myself doing this sometimes, even after our most recent 10 mile race. But it’s something I’m working on, and that’s all you can do really at the end of the day – forget about the times that others ran (or that you have ran in the past!) and find a happiness with how you performed in the present.

find happiness

Do you find yourself doing this too? How do you fight back the urge to compare your performance to others?

Reactions of Non-Runners

Happy Hump Day!

As I mentioned in my last post, I ran 20 miles last week. Now to all the runners out there who know this is the height of marathon training season, that might not seem that weird. It might even seem NORMAL (us runners are a strange bunch, I know). 😉 I got some pretty funny reactions though from my non-runner friends though when I told them how far I had gone.

Why the Eff would you run 20 miles?

Reaction A: Question My Sanity


“That’s crazy!”

You Ran How Far?

Reaction B: You Did This To Yourself

Me: “Ugh, I’m sore, I just finished running 20 miles.”

Friend 1: “Well yeah, I’m not surprised you’re sore. That’s what you get!

Friend 2: “I just don’t understand you. Why would you choose to do that to yourself?”

Me: “Because I’m running a marathon in a few weeks, so I had to!”

Friend 2: “Well why would you choose to run a marathon?”

Me: “I want to!”

Friend 2: “You and I are so fundamentally different.”

Reaction C: Congratulations


Reaction A seems to be the most common. Sometimes people will transition through all three reactions (“You’re crazy! Why would you do that to yourself? Congrats though!”) . So fair warning- if you’re thinking about training for a marathon, be prepared for people to just assume you’re crazy. But here is the big secret that we as runners know, the one that non-runners often cannot wrap their heads around –

Running is worth it.

Have you ever gotten any funny reactions about your running?

Tips for Running with a Buddy

Happy Monday, hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!

Saturday was a fun day for us, as my mom did her first muddy obstacle-course 5K, the Dirty Girl Mud Run! I volunteered at the race, so we were both busy, but it was a lot of fun (and yes, my mom got very muddy!). I promise, a full recap is coming! 🙂

Today, I wanted to post about something different though.


As you may have gathered by now, my mom and I run together on a pretty regular basis. We have run countless races together, as well as a whole lot of training runs. I love the accountability of running with someone. When we make a plan to get up at 6:30 to go for an early morning run, it’s a lot easier to crawl out of bed, knowing that my mom will be doing the same. It can be so easy to just hit that snooze button when you’re alone.

But running with a partner also has its challenges. Let’s face it, we all haveTHOSE days. The ones where you’re just a little bit grumpier than normal, where you just want to walk every two seconds it seems like. Or maybe it’s just the opposite – your legs feel great and you just wanna tear it up on your run… but maybe the person you’re running with isn’t really feelin’ up to that crazy pace.

Tips for Running with a friend. 2 Generations Running

After running together for so long, I feel like my mom and I have developed a pretty darn good system, so I thought I would share some of our tips for running with another person, friend or family!

Be Honest. How to Run with a buddy. 2 Generations Running.Tip #1 – Be completely honest with each other. I tell my mom when I’m hoping to PR in a race, so it’s no surprise! We usually start together, and then when I’m ready to push the pace a bit, we say our goodbyes and I tell her that I’ll meet her at the finish line. Same goes for training runs. When you need to walk, tell the other person – don’t just struggle on, silently becoming more and more frustrated with your running buddy!

  • Tip #1B – Discuss pace with your running partner BEFORE you start running. If you’ve never run a 7:30/mile before, and your partner wants to run that pace for 5 miles, it’s a recipe for disaster. Don’t be afraid to push yourself, but be honest if you think the pace might be a little fast and that you might have to slow down after a while.

Tip 2 - be ok with silence. How to run with a buddy. 2 Generations RunningTip #2 – Be ok with a comfortable silence. Don’t get me wrong, it’s ok to talk! My mom and I have talked about a whole lot of stuff while running. But as we tack on more miles, we’ll frequently fall into silence. That quiet often enhances the meditative aspects of running, so don’t feel like you have to force conversation.

Tip 3 - Agree on the route. How to run with a buddy. 2 Generations RunningTip #3 – Agree on the route. My mom and I each have a route that we consider “our” route. 🙂 While I run my mom’s favorite route a lot of the time, I sometimes get bored and need to switch things up. On those days, I’ll run my route. Sometimes, my mom will come with me and sometimes she sticks with her route. If you and your running buddy ALWAYS run the same route and you’re starting to feel like you’re going to lose your mind if you have to run down that dirt road/past that blue house/through that totally shade-lacking cul de sac, then BE HONEST (See Tip #1)! Maybe your running partner feels the same way, and is only running the route because he/she thinks that’s what you want!

And when I asked my mom to think of a few tips, here’s what she came up with-

How to run with a buddy. 2 Generations Running.When running with a partner or buddy, always be gracious, which means:

Tip #4 – When your buddy asks to “borrow” your tissue, hand it over with a smile, even though your buddy has stated definitively that she won’t need one.

Tip #5 – Share your water bottle, even though your running buddy says it’s just a short run and he/she won’t get thirsty

Tip #6 – Try to get your running buddy to wear sunscreen, even when he/she tells you there isn’t any sun. (It’s never too early to worry about sun damage and those pesky wrinkles.)

Tip #7 – Buy your running buddy cool running paraphernalia to make up for all the times you make her late by grabbing tissues, filling water bottles, or putting on sunscreen.


So there you go! 🙂 Go grab your sneakers and a bud and get running!