10 Reasons Why the Half Marathon Is Where It’s At

If you are familiar with 2 Generations Running, than you know my mom and I LOVE the half marathon distance. It’s so popular right now with the ladies (61% of half marathon finishers in 2014 were females) that if I didn’t know anything about races/running, I would think it couldn’t POSSIBLY live up to all the fuss. But then, I would be wrong. If you’ve never tried a half marathon, you need to. Here’s why it’s my favorite distance and why my mom and I are aiming for 13.1 miles in every state.

10 Reasons Why the Half Marathon is Where It's At | 2 Generations Running

  1. It gives you plenty of time to warm-up. When you run a 5k, you need to reach your race pace right from the get-go, which means you better warm up and be ready to kick ass right when that gun goes off. At least with the half marathon, you can ease yourself into your desired pace and still get a great time.10 Reasons Why the Half Marathon is Where It's At | 2 Generations Running
  2. 13.1 miles = plenty of scenery to check out, which is especially awesome if you’re running in a pretty or unfamiliar area. It’s the perfect way to explore, and you don’t have to worry about getting lost since your course has already been plotted out. No compass or map required. 🙂10 Reasons Why the Half Marathon Is Where It's At
  3. … But it’s also not so many miles that you will be essentially hobbled by the end of the race (*cough marathon cough…)  One of my favorite episodes of How I Met Your Mother – when Barney spontaneously decided to run the NYC marathon, got on the subway after, and then got stuck because he couldn’t get up. 🙂HIMYM. 10 Reasons Why The Half Marathon Is Where It's At | 2 Generations Running
  4. It’s significant enough of a distance that you don’t feel silly traveling to run one. With a 5k, you’ll be done in half an hour or less most of the time. I love running, but even I would have to say it would have to be a pretty dang special 5k for me to be willing to drive 2-3 hours to run for such a short amount of time. 10 Reasons Why the Half Marathon is Where It's At  | 2 Generations Running
  5. But on the other hand, you won’t be running ALL DAY with the half marathon. Depending on the start time, you can finish up with plenty of time to grab a nice brunch afterwards, and who doesn’t love brunch?! 10 Reasons Why the Half Marathon is Where It's At | 2 Generations Running
  6. 13.1 miles is still far enough to earn you some serious bragging rights with friends and family. Why The Half Marathon is Where It's At | 2 Generations Running
  7. Yeah, you may get a few blisters but I’ve never had toenails fall victim to the half marathon, the way I did when I ran the full marathon (I’m still traumatized from that clearly.)
  8. If you maintain a good base, you can train for a half marathon in a relatively short period of time. I trained for the Providence Half (and scored a PR!) with only 4 weeks of time to raceday from when I registered for the race. Unless you are some kind of Wonder Woman who regularly logs a 17-18 mile long run on the weekends (which if you are, then I salute you), that would be difficult to pull off with a marathon. 10 Reasons Why the Half Marathon is Where it's At
  9. It gives you time to make new friends out on the course. With shorter distances, most people will focus on going fast, which doesn’t make conversation easy. It’s a lot easier to commiserate with someone over a hilly course when you’re both going to be out there running for 2+ hours or so. 10 Reasons Why The Half Marathon is Where It's At
  10. With *most* half marathons, you’ll get a nice tech t-shirt. I LOVE running in my old half marathon shirts. Plus it’s a great conversation starter when you meet other runners who also ran that race!

So seriously – go register for a half marathon NOW. I’m sure I’ve got you convinced 😉

Have a great weekend! 

The 5K I Ran Holding a Giant Box

Hey there and happy weekend!

Hope you guys are enjoying the days off and gearing up for the 4th of July next weekend! As promised, I’m back to share Tuesday’s race recap of the Temptation 5k, the first of the weekly summer series that I’ll be participating in with my running club this year.

Basically, it’s called the ‘Temptation’ 5k because just before the Mile 1 marker there is a pile of 10 boxes for women and 10 for men on the side of the path. The boxes are large, awkward to carry, and empty – but you could win a prize corresponding with the number on your box at the end of the race. The catch is that you probably say goodbye to your chance of winning your age group or getting a PR because it’s hard and annoying to run carrying a box (speaking from experience here.) The top prize though is $50 for 1 man and 1 woman.

I really wanted to win something.

I was pretty much convinced that everyone who came along the boxes would take one until there were none left, so I mentally prepared myself to FLAT OUT RUN to get to the boxes as quick as I could. I threw caution and self-restraint and the basic laws of pacing oneself out the window in my quest to get a box.

Lowell Good Times Series Temptation 5k LowellCRUISING.

And I was pretty convinced I wasn’t going to get one, as I knew that there were more than 9 or 10 women ahead of me before we came up on the boxes. This was despite the fact that I was running a 7:00/mile pace (aka about as fast as I can go). But then I came up on the pile of boxes – and THEY WERE ALL STILL THERE! A woman a few steps ahead of me grabbed one, and then I took one and sprinted off, excited to have one. A volunteer along the course called out that we were the first and second women with boxes. YAY!

Then, it got interesting. I still had over 2 miles to go in VERY hot and humid temps. Carrying a giant box. And after I had basically run an all-out sprint for .8 of a mile. I let myself relax and took walking breaks as needed, and tried to figure out the best way to carry the box where it wouldn’t bother me as much (I didn’t really figure out any good method.).

Lowell Good Times Series 5k I’m smiling because I know I’m almost done and I’m hoping for an awesome prize.

Finally, I came up around the final bend, and ran across the finish line with a chip time of 26:52 – pretty solid for an extremely weird run. I also found out in a later email that I placed 7th in my division!

So, what was my prize for all my blood, sweat, and tears? (ok, it was mostly sweat, but whatever.)Good Times Series Temptation 5kA mason jar with a sticker on it. Womp womp. Not only did I NOT win the $50, I pretty much got the worst prize they had. Oh well though, now I can say I  know what it’s like to run a 5k carrying a big cardboard box. My advice would be – don’t do it.

Still a fun night overall with the running club and we celebrated the first 5k of the summer with a beer together afterwards.

Good Times Series 5k I can’t wait for the next one of these races where I will make my comeback in my age division – sans box.

What’s the weirdest 5k you’ve ever run? Doing anything fun this weekend?

Friday 5 {National Running Day!}

Hey there!

Happy Friday folks, we made it through another week! I’m back and participating in the Friday 5 Link-Up again this week! It’s a great link-up hosted by Courtney of Eat Pray Run DC, Mar of Mar on the Run, and Cynthia of You Signed Up For What? This week, we’re talking about National Running Day. I celebrated this year with another after work run with my coworkers!

Friday 5 Link-UpI know, you’re probably thinking, “But you already posted about that on Wednesday!” (If you missed that post, catch up here.). But luckily, I can think of a lot of different things to talk about when it comes to running. 😉 Hence, why I have a running blog. So, as part of my celebration for National Running Day this week, I’m going to talk about five things I love about running.

1. I can do it with my dog. LOOK HOW CUTE BRADY IS! How could you NOT have a blast runnin’ around the neighborhood with this guy?

Running with your dog | 2 Generations RunningThe summer months are a little difficult to run with him in, what with the permanent fur coat he wears, but there’s always the fall.

2. It gives me a valid excuse to buy very expensive pairs of shoes. You can’t feel guilty about dropping $100 on a pair of sneakers when you’re going to be using them all the time and you need them to avoid injury.

National Running Day


But do you know how to pick out a pair of running sneakers, Kanye?

3. It allows my competitive side to run wild and free (I ♥ puns, sorrynotsorry). There aren’t too many opportunities to compete against other people in something once you move past school sports. Now, I know not all runners want to run for competition, but I LOVE it! Some days, I might be focused on beating the people in my age group, and others I might just be looking to just beat my own previous time, but either way, running gives me that outlet.

Cox Providence Half Marathon 2015

4. The people. The running community is just awesome. I know I say it a lot (like in this post), but runners are SO nice and friendly. Seriously, if you want to make some friends just join a running club. No serial killer was ever a runner. That I know of at least.

5. It makes me happy. As Legally Blonde taught us, “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. And happy people just don’t shoot their husbands.”

National Running Day | Legally Blonde GIFIt’s science.

Happy Weekend! Did you celebrate National Running Day?


You Know You’re a Runner When… (Random Quirks of a Runner)

Hello there!

Happy Friday! I’ve had a crazy busy week, but definitely good busy! So far so good at the new job – I even went running with a group from the office on Wednesday night! Running around Boston was a little different for me, but something I think I’m going to enjoy. 🙂

Speaking of running (as I so frequently do here)…

I realized the other day just how many weird and random thoughts I have related to running. Rather than being embarrassed, naturally I started filing these away for a post. 🙂 Yes, these quirks probably mean I’m officially a weirdo, but I figure there must be some other crazies out there too.

You Know You're a Runner When... | 2 Generations Running1. When watching the movie Interstellar (which is 2 hrs. and 40 min) – “I could have comfortably run a half marathon in the time it took to watch this movie.”

You Know You're a Runner When...Mind blown.

2. Going to bed the night before a race makes me feel 100% like a kid on Christmas Eve.

You Know You're a Runner When... 2 Generations Running3. When driving past nice parks, lakes with a bike path, etc, I always think to myself “What a nice running route that would be!”

Cox Providence Half Marathon 2015 | 2 Generations Running4. When I see another runner – “Woo! You’ve got this!

You Know You're a Runner When... 2 Generations RunningIt’s ok, brush it off. No one saw that.

5. When I’m shopping, I am physically drawn towards the athletic apparel. I MUST look at it, even if I don’t *need* anything. And if something is on sale…?!

You Know You're a Runner When,... 2 Generations Running

6. I get really excited when I see other cars with 26.2 or 13.1 stickers on them.

You Know You're a Runner When ... 2 Generations Running7. When I’m driving in the car, and I hear a song on the radio I like – “I need to add that to my running playlist.”

You Know You're a Runner When

8. I spend my free time googling possible races to sign up for (even if I just ran one… that day.)

You Know You're a Runner WhenWhat are some of the weird running thoughts/quirks you have? I won’t judge you. 😉


Date a Runner (Other Athletes Are Just Players)

Good morning and happy weekend!

I hope you all have some fun Easter plans ahead of you this weekend. I’ll be spending Sunday morning getting my long run done (8 miles this week!), and then visiting family. After a week that felt pretty long, I’m pumped. 🙂

Now before you get yourself all confused over this post title, let me tell you – NO, this blog is not turning into a dating website. That would be weird. I was just thinking the other day about all the cool things about runners, and the reasons why you might definitely want to date a runner (rather than a different type of athlete). The running community is pretty darn awesome for a number of reasons, so without further ado here’s why you should date a runner-

Date A Runner (Other Athletes Are Just Players) | 2 Generations Running1. Runners are friendly. There’s always a lot of chatter at the beginning of races (usually about food – runners love to eat.)

Let's Run a 5k and eat like it was a marathon }2. Most sports teams will end games with a high-five or handshake and then each team goes their respective way. Runners stick around and actually party with each other afterwards. They’ll drink beers, eat good food, and commiserate over a hilly course. And it doesn’t matter one bit who crossed the finish line faster.

Date a Runner (Other Athletes Are Just Players)(How I feel after a half marathon.)

3.We can be competitive, but usually it’s with ourselves. Only one runner can win the race, but every runner can beat their own previous time, and that always feels like a victory.

4.Runners can pull off spandex better than a WHOLE LOT of other athletes. Think about it – do you really want to see a 300-pound linebacker in one of those little football tops and those super tight pants? I think not.

Vince Wilfork Gif(Sorry Vince Wilfork.)

5. Yeah, our shoes might get a little sweaty (and smelly). But at least we don’t have a huge pile of shinguards/shoulder pads/helmets sitting in the mudroom, stinking up the whole house.

6. Runners ALWAYS carry snacks. It’s part of the refueling regimen. And we might just share if you ask nicely.

Snacking Gif | 2 Generations Running7. Runners will bring home cool souvenirs and gifts from all the places we travel to run in.

Date a Runner (Other Athletes are just players)8. Runners have the BEST-looking calves in the business.

9. You’ll always know what to get a runner for birthdays and holidays. Any sort of running paraphernalia will be greatly appreciated and put to good use.

Holiday Gift Guide for Runners | 2 Generations RunningBuy me all the running things!!!

10. If we get a race T-shirt that doesn’t fit, we’ll give it to our friends, family, or significant other. And WHO DOESN’T WANT A FREE T-SHIRT?!

Date a Runner (Other Athletes Are Just Players)So there you go. I think I have presented many good arguments in favor of dating runners, so keep them in mind for yourself OR if you’re trying to set up any friends. 🙂

Have a wonderful Easter weekend! Anyone else running this weekend? Can you think of any other reasons to date runners?