Training Runs and Patriotic Sneakers


Hope you all had a great weekend. I have an extended work trip coming up (2 weeks in West Virginia…) so I was happy to relax at home this weekend and get some good workouts in.

Things have been continuing to go well running-wise post 2-mile race!

Holy Moly, did I feel that 7 minute pace after the lack of speed work in June. Even that afternoon, the soreness was setting in in my quads and I felt pretty wiped out – even if it was a measly 2 miles. The guy who won the race is actually a member of my running club in Boston and ran an 8:54 to take the win (4:30 mile, followed by a 4:26). Haha, clearly I shouldn’t be complaining about being sore!

On Wednesday, I went for an easy 5 miles and my pace showed the fatigue – average of 9:42/mile.

2 Generations RunningThursday, I think my legs began to feel normal again and I got in a good 9:18/mile pace for 4 miles in the morning before work. I had some energy still in the evening when I got home from work, so I went to the gym and did 25 minutes of spinning on the bike and worked up a good sweat.

On Friday, I meant to wake up early and run before work, but sleeping in won out. While it rained all day, luckily it pretty much cleared up by the late afternoon when I got out for my 5 miles. It was sticky and humid and I wasn’t really feeling it, but I got in 5 miles nice and easy. As I was running through one of the fields in the park that I usually run in, I counted 21 rabbits! Not exaggerating. They were all hanging out and as I ran by, they would spring into action, running into the bushes. Haha, I felt kind of bad for disturbing them but this was also probably the highlight of my run.

Saturday, was a no running day on my calendar so I enjoyed sleeping in and a leisurely cup of coffee before heading into Boston for a barre class. This was only my second class, but I am really enjoying adding something new to my fitness routine! The classes are low-impact and consist of a lot of core work, arms, squats, and planks. I’m hoping to try to incorporate 1-2 classes a week into my routine at least until my mileage starts getting crazy towards the end of the summer.

And as a sidenote, check out the beautiful sneakers I HAD to purchase for the 4th of July.

Saucony Freedom IsoSaucony Freedom ISO

I am a total sucker for a pair of patriotic sneakers and when I saw Saucony post these babies on Instagram the week before the 4th, I knew I needed a pair. They are the Saucony Freedom ISO, a model I actually got to test at The Running Event when they first launched. I’ve only taken them out for one run, but so far, I’m feeling really positive about them. I’ll post a review and let you know how they compare to my beloved Kinvaras once I get the chance to test them out some more.

Sunday, I had an easy 5 miles. This was one of those runs where I felt great and was easily able to keep the pace a hair on the fast side (ran mile 3 in 8:54 – technically a little faster than my easy pace, but it felt fine). There were tons of people out running and walking around and also enjoying the beautiful weather. After I finished up, I popped into CVS to pick up a couple of things and could not resist this chocolate milk (please excuse my extremely red face.)

Chocolate milk

Yum. So good for recovery!

This week, I’m looking forward to some more runs and actual workouts as I slowly begin to pick things up again!

This Week’s Workouts {Drop it Like a Squat}

Happy almost-the-end-of-the-week!

So, in just over a week my mom and I will finally be running the Stu’s 30k Relay! I had posted a while ago that my mom was planning on running the whole 18 mile course… Well, plans change. Unfortunately, the weather has just been really awful around here lately and so are the street conditions. They’re slushy, muddy, and the snowbanks are so high you can barely see around corners. That would be all fine and dandy if we had a treadmill, but we don’t unfortunately. So even though my mom got in some 10 and 12-mile training runs earlier in the month, she hasn’t been able to get in the distance to really be able to run the Stu’s course safely and comfortably.

So new plan: we’re running it as a 2-person relay! I’m not really sure what the mileage will end up looking like with the relay (the website isn’t the most informative), but I am really excited!

Stu's 30K Relay Course Map.Since I wanted to get some training in before this race, my mom and I set out for another little 4-mile “test” run on Tuesday. Despite the roads being pretty awful, my knee felt pretty good and 4 miles turned into 5! It definitely seems to be getting better, slowly but surely.

2 Generations Running.Not a great picture, but at least it gives you a sense of the conditions plus you get to see my mom’s crazy bright running leggings!

Wednesday, I did this 40 minute total body barre workout that I found on Youtube. Shockingly, it’s not a fitnessblender video! I’ve done this video a few times now, and I really like it. I know one of the things I have to work on to improve my knee is to strengthen my quads and glutes, and this video does the job with literally hundreds of squats and pulsing squats (and no, that isn’t an exaggeration).

Doing some squats.I only wish I could get Brady and Keeper to do squats with me.

The video also incorporates some upper-body exercises as well as core work. I still can’t make it through the entire plank series that comes at the end of the video, but I’m working on it! 🙂 The instructor (Shauna Kathleen) has a bunch of different barre workouts on her channel so if this is something you are interested in trying but don’t want to spring for a barre studio membership just yet, I would definitely check out her videos!

Thursday, I did another video workout – Fitnessblender’s Tank Top Arms Round 2 followed by their Butt and Abs Tabata workout which combined nicely for a sweaty, 40-minute workout. The tabata video has become a favorite of my mom’s since she started to do Fitnessblender’s workouts, and I would have to agree that it’s another great workout.

How were your workouts this week? Do you do squats with your dog (or pet?) 🙂