Dealing with Blogger Stereotypes

Hi there!

So prepare for a bit of a rambling post today… I want to talk about blogger stereotypes.

Dealing with Blogger Stereotypes | 2 Generations RunningYou’ve probably got some of your own – self-absorbed, arrogant, narcissistic. After all, what other type of person would post their thoughts for all the world to see on the internet? At least, that’s what I used to think before I actually started reading blogs.

Blogger Stereotypes | 2 Generations RunningOnce I actually began reading health and running blogs,  I found myself thinking, “Hey, I kind of like these people!”  I found that I was considering completely new challenges simply because I had read other blogger’s posts about them (and they sounded fun!). For example, I WOULD NEVER have considered doing a triathlon if not for reading about Meghann’s experiences with triathlons, and seeing how she progressed from doing sprint triathlons up to a full Ironman!

And then, that inspiration somehow transitioned into “Hey, I think it would be kind of fun to write a blog too!”

So I decided to start one. And I told approximately 3 people – my immediate family members. I probably wouldn’t have even told them if not for having to explain why I was suddenly taking so many damn pictures. For the longest time, I felt extremely secretive about my blog, not even telling my closest friends. When I was away at school, I would do my readings and homework dutifully in the afternoons, followed by an hour or so of blogging, but I rarely brought this up to my friends. I actually told my boyfriend about my blog by accident – I tweeted a link to one of my posts from my personal Twitter account instead of the one I use to promote my blog. He obviously didn’t mind the fact that I had a blog, in fact he thought it was pretty interesting (and to this day, he reads every single one of my posts.). Over the years since I began blogging, I’ve definitely become more open about it… but it’s still not something I bring up quickly.

I'm kind of a big deal GIF | 2 Generations Running

Only a few weeks ago, I heard someone at work joking about “being important enough to have a blog.” I turned red and declined to mention the fact that I had one. Frankly, I know what the solution to this problem should be – I need to get over myself and stop caring about what other people think. But sometimes, things like that are easier said than done.

The truth is, I’ve really come to love blogging. I love this online community of health and running nuts, I love the support I feel from people all across the country (and most of whom I’ve never met), and I enjoy having a place to share my excessive thoughts on running. So for now, I think I am willing to deal with the stereotype that you have to be “important” (or at least perceive yourself to be) in order to have a blog. I’ll accept it and hope that someday, someone will stumble across my blog and feel inspired to try something they never would have thought themselves capable of – whether it be running a marathon or doing a triathlon for the first time. I hope that I’ll come across in my posts not as a narcissist, but as someone you might want as your running buddy. And maybe that person will even think to themselves, “I should start a blog too.”

Fellow bloggers, do you also feel shy about telling people about your blog? I’m interested to hear your thoughts/comments.